Five Things or So for Thursday, 11/12

1.  I’ve written 20,000 words of my novel in 12 days.  I feel very good about that milestone and the story in general.  How I feel about it when time and perspective are applied, I don’t know, but I hope I’ll still like it.  I think I will.  The zombies are about to make their first appearance, and I’m excited and nervous.  I’ve enjoyed writing a fantasy novel so far, and I hope I like writing zombie novels too.

2.  I so love seeing what Google searches lead to my site.  Today it was “self centered mother-in-law” and someone was led to my Mother-In-Law post.  Sheer awesomeness?  Sheer awesomeness.

3.  The Redskins play Denver.  Take the Broncos and give the points, since the ‘Skins can’t score any.  I do wonder, though, if Ladell Betts will be able to outperform Clinton Portis’ showing so far this season.  I think the ‘Skins will be feisty, but their line will, of course, prevent them from doing anything else, like winning.

4.  Vacation is a week away.  I can make it.  Barely.

5.  I got handed a new project today.  My old projects aren’t finished, but whatever.  I have plenty of time to file a mandatory survey of foreign transactions before December 1st, when it’s due.  I have 3 weeks, after all, and will be on vacation for 10 of the days.  Whatever.

5.2.  Did I say I needed a vacation?  I do.  Desperately.

About Alan Edwards

Former cancer caregiver. Husband of the most magical and amazing person who ever lived.

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