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Politics As Usual

As the title indicates, this post is about politics.  I am going to be mouthy and opinionated.  I will probably use a few curse words (UPDATE: yeah, I sure did.  A lot).  I just wanted to get that warning out there.  If bad language and one ignorant man’s opinions offend you, you don’t want to read this. Read the rest of this entry

Five Things for Friday, March 26th

1.  I’ve been reading a lot about the idea that this health care reform bill is going to cost the Democrats a lot in November’s elections.  The Republicans are planning on pushing the idea of repeal as a cornerstone of their election plank.  The problem I see with that approach is the idea that health reform is going to be on the minds of the public in seven months.  I think that overestimates the attention span of the American electorate by about six-and-a-half months at least.

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Five Things for Tuesday, February 16th

1.  It took over an hour to get to work today.  It was snowing. but there wasn’t any snow on the road.  People were just driving incredibly badly, either WAY too slow or ridiculously recklessly, like the tool douchebag driving the wrong way down a one-way street and looking pissed that he couldn’t get by.  I should have just driven into him.

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Five Things for Tuesday, February 9th

1.  More snow is on the way, and finally, it’s not on a friggin’ weekend.  That means a SNOW DAY!  I’ll have to work from home, but it won’t be like having to be in the office, that’s for damn sure.  My back and shoulders still hurt from shoveling, but them’s the breaks.

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