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A Trip to the Butcher

For the first time in my life, I went to an honest-to-god butcher.  I was driven to do so by reading Alton Brown’s Good Eats: The Early Years, where he lobbies hard for people to find local butchers, and an article Lady Aravan posted about growth hormones in meat.  Afterwards, I decided I would find one near me.  I did, and Lady Aravan and I took a trip up there.  I was intimidated, I have to admit.  After a lifetime of just grabbing whatever I wanted from little individually-wrapped packages, here was someone waiting for me to tell them what kind of cut of meat I was looking for.  I choked, and the man kindly suggested that he had a really nice piece of sirlion.  I said that would be great, and got a steak that he said would feed four people (I assumed that might be enough for Lady Aravan and I).  He cut it, weighed it and wrapped it, then I talked about pulled pork and he suggested something else (a pork butt that he deboned).  They sell Boar’s Head products, which Lady Aravan and I both love, so we ended up getting a pound of bacon – cut from a slab – along with Boar’s Head mustard, hot dogs, pepperoni, and bleu cheese.

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Food Review: Virginia BBQ, Middletown, DE

I love barbeque.  Pulled pork is one of my 5 food groups.  I make it myself as well, but love sampling others just as much.  I like different varieties of sauce, from the tomato-based to Carolina vinegar based to mustard based (my personal favorite).  On a recommendation, Lady Aravan, myself, and a friend all took a short road trip down to try a place called Virgina BBQ, a chain barbeque joint.

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Food Review: Redfire Grill & Steakhouse, Hockessin DE

On a recent date night, Lady Aravan took me to a place we hadn’t been before, Redfire Grill & Steakhouse.  I love beef like hippies love patchouli, so I was eager to go and yet apprehensive at the same time.  I cook steak a lot.  I am good at it.  Many times I’ve gone to a restaurant and ordered steak and gotten an underseasoned, or overseasoned, piece of meat at such an exorbitant price that it makes me well up in righteous fury.  I am an overcritical judge of what I like, and when a place burns myeverloving steak and calls it “char” like I should pay extra for it, I can barely resist the urge to take their imitation crystal candleholders and set the place on fire.  So, did I want to set Redfire on, well, fire?

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Food Review: Domino’s Pizza

We’ve all seen the commercials: Domino’s Pizza solemnly intoning all the reasons why people think their pizza is pure shit.  Ketchupy sauce, bland crust, yada yada.  I personally never thought it was as dire as all that, but I also didn’t order Domino’s Pizza very often.  The only time I did was to get a thin crust pizza, the only thing I thought Domino’s did better than Papa John’s.  The commercials stuck in my mind, however, and like all effective advertising, convinced me to try to fulfill a need I didn’t even know I had.  So, is Domino’s new recipe worth the hype and fuss, or even worth ordering at all?

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Food Review: Pan Tai, Wilmington DE

Pan Thai is a restaurant in Wilmington, DE.  There, I said something nice.  Well, maybe not nice, more factual, but that’s as good as this review is going to get.

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Food Review: Sinclair’s, Newark DE

Sinclair’s is a breakfast/lunch place on the corner of Chapel Street and Main Street in downtown Newark.  Their specialty seems to be pancakes, with a new flavor every day.  If you like the flavor of the day, then I suggest that you try them, since the next time you go there may be a flavor you don’t like, and that’s the only pancake you can get. 

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Food Review: Dominick’s Pizza, Bear DE

Another in the line of periodic and rare food reviews.

Dominick’s Pizza is a hole-in-the-wall place near People’s Plaza in Bear, Delaware.  Located next to a somewhat scary-looking gas station, it isn’t the kind of place most people find themselves drawn to.  My wife and I have talked about eating there off and on over the last couple of years, and we finally got around to trying it.  We ordered delivery both times, and the driver was the nicest and most pleasant delivery person I’ve encountered since Joe from Joe’s NY Pizza in Florida, 12 years ago.  She smiled and behaved more like a waitress than a UPS driver, something that startled me and stood out, in a very good way.

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Food Review: Korean Barbeque and Sushi, Newark, DE

A new semi-regular feature here will be restaurant reviews when I try a place or get around to writing about it.  Here is the first.

This weekend, I went to Korean Barbeque and Sushi Bar in Newark, Delaware, the Home of Tax-Free Shopping.  I’ve lived here for 4 years but never tried the place, but friends of ours recommended it highly, so my wife and I went along with our friends, a dating couple.  The dress code was casual, and since it was a Saturday night my friend made reservations.  I was glad he did; the place is small, about a dozen tables or so, and all but one four-top was filled when we got there.

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