Food Review: Pan Tai, Wilmington DE

Pan Thai is a restaurant in Wilmington, DE.  There, I said something nice.  Well, maybe not nice, more factual, but that’s as good as this review is going to get.

The interior of the place isn’t bad, so there is something nice.  It does have a perfect atmosphere, meaning a nice mix of nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide that makes breathing possible.  The service was mediocre, and not particularly diligent about drink refills on a very slow and quiet day.

The menu is a mix of Asian types, and on top of the menu was a cardboard specials offering.  As I perused the specials, it gradually came to me that something seemed odd.  It finally registered that I was pondering whether I should get the quesadillas as an entree.  Yes, the specials menu was all Mexican food from something called The Cantina.  Who knows, maybe it’s wonderful, if getting Tex-Mex food from an Asian restaurant is your thing.

I ordered Pad Thai.  I know many people moan and groan about Pad Thai, saying it’s Americanized, blah blah whatever.  I also know that there exists many variations of the dish, and not everyone makes it the same.  I do know this as well: the Pad Thai from Pan Tai is hands-down the worst possible incarnation of that dish.

There was as much sliced celery pieces as noodles.  I had approximately three small slivers of chicken to go with two small shrimp.  The carrots and mushrooms were superfluous.  The brown sauce was nasty.  Other than that, the dish was great, thanks.

The people with me tried a chicken and noodles dish and a triple-threat or something, another noodle dish.  No one was particularly impressed, but no one was as horrified as I was either.  The Pad Thai is really just that bad.

Don’t go there, ever.  There’s no reason to.  You’re better off buying a plane ticket to Fort Myers and going to Mr. Mee’s regardless of how much it costs.  There, you will find a Pad Thai that will make a grown man cry and make the entire trip worthwhile.  Pan Tai is just not worth a visit.

About Alan Edwards

Former cancer caregiver. Husband of the most magical and amazing person who ever lived.

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