Food Review: Domino’s Pizza

We’ve all seen the commercials: Domino’s Pizza solemnly intoning all the reasons why people think their pizza is pure shit.  Ketchupy sauce, bland crust, yada yada.  I personally never thought it was as dire as all that, but I also didn’t order Domino’s Pizza very often.  The only time I did was to get a thin crust pizza, the only thing I thought Domino’s did better than Papa John’s.  The commercials stuck in my mind, however, and like all effective advertising, convinced me to try to fulfill a need I didn’t even know I had.  So, is Domino’s new recipe worth the hype and fuss, or even worth ordering at all?

Lady Aravan and I got two medium pizzas with two toppings for 6 bucks a piece, bacon and onion (me) and ham and jalapeno (her), each of us with hand-tossed crust.  We also order their chicken Kickers, but I won’t include them in the review because the excellence of a pizza place’s chicken is irrelevant in my opinion.  The pizzas looked different, right off the bat.  My bacon pieces were large and obviously chopped bacon, not the vaguely-pink crumbles that can be passed off as bacon.  The taste was exceptional, I have to say.  The garlic crust was excellent, and I’m not a crust person, but finishing of each piece of crust was actually pleasurable and not something that one feels compelled to do.  It was like having a breadstick to hold your pizza with.  The sauce was good, better than I remembered.  Lady Aravan’s first comment was how hot her jalapenos were.  Apparently, a mild jalapeno is something she’s been forced to get used to, so an actual hot jalapeno on her pizza was a surprise to her.

Overall, the experience was pleasing.  Their website was easy to deal with and told me little facts about what stage my pizza was in and who was making it (so thank you, Brandon, for an excellent pizza, and also thanks to the friendly Robert who dropped it off).  It was incredibly fast, too, surprisingly so: about 25 minutes at most from order click to actual delivery.  Domino’s has now supplanted Papa John’s as my favorite chain pizza.  It’s no Dominick’s, but the two types of pizza are completely different anyway.  I recommend giving it a try if you haven’t yet: you should be very pleasantly surprised.

About Alan Edwards

Former cancer caregiver. Husband of the most magical and amazing person who ever lived.

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