Five Things for Friday, March 26th

1.  I’ve been reading a lot about the idea that this health care reform bill is going to cost the Democrats a lot in November’s elections.  The Republicans are planning on pushing the idea of repeal as a cornerstone of their election plank.  The problem I see with that approach is the idea that health reform is going to be on the minds of the public in seven months.  I think that overestimates the attention span of the American electorate by about six-and-a-half months at least.

2.  This weekend, I am going to get my novel published, whether by myself or somewhere else.  You know, why wait?  I could edit that thing forever and not be satisfied.  Time to move on.

3.  A friend of mine is struggling for his life in ICU after coming down with an infection after cancer surgery.  It makes me think of the section of Superfreakonomics where it talks about doctors not washing their hands, and hospitals’ lack of basic sanitary enforcement.  A friend of mine might die because these fucking people can’t maintain a healthy environment because they are cavalier about their own fucking hygiene.  It makes me sick and upset and hate doctors even more than I do now.

4.  I am also sadly reluctant to go see my friend.  He’s not conscious and is apparently full of tubes.  I don’t want to see him like that.  A lot of times when I think of my mother, what I see is the bloated unconscious thing she was before she finally mercifully died.  I don’t want to think of my friend that way.  I will go see him, though, just on the off-chance I might do him some good.

5.  Death and cancer infuriate me.  If only all the fury and calls to action that people like PETA and the Tea Party have for frivolous bullshit could be turned instead to the greatest enemy of us all, our mortality, then something might get done.  Instead, let’s direct our energy to the sideshow.  I hate people.

About Alan Edwards

Former cancer caregiver. Husband of the most magical and amazing person who ever lived.

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