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Exercise DVD Review: Bob Harper’s Beginner’s Weight Loss Transformation

I never actually intended on getting the Beginner’s Weight Loss DVD. My wife and I did the whole Inside Out Method Workout Plan, lost 100 pounds between the two of us, and have done well at keeping the weight off. I heard that Bob was making this DVD and I thought, good idea, get a way to prepare people for the other exercise DVDs, good show, all that, but I never thought I personally would use it. See, anytime I hear “beginner’s weight loss” I picture people doing some toe touches followed by a water break while Bob tells some funny anecdote about The Biggest Loser or something, followed by a vigorous set of more toe touches. The idea of a beginner’s workout just didn’t appeal to me.

Then the holidays happened. And by holidays, I mean from, say, Labor Day forward. I stopped working out regularly. My food choices shifted towards unhealthier options. As the weather turned colder and mornings got darker, the idea of getting out of bed at 4:30 am to exercise seemed more and more ridiculous. Pizzas were ordered. Ice cream was consumed. It took a while, but 10 pounds gradually made their way back. The Xmas break was the worst, and by the time it was over I was ordering cheesesteaks and pizza for dinner, eating a foot-long sub and half a large pizza and idly wondering if I should have a gingerbread whoopie pie afterwards. My pants became tighter. Things needed to change.

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The Second Annual Aravan Awards, 2011 Edition

I Googled "cheap plastic statue" and got this. I think it qualifies.

Last year, I gave out awards in random categories for the following reason:

…Coming up with a top ten list has to be the easiest writing job in the world.  Jot down ten things, come up with superficial reasons for their inclusion, and then explain how blatantly wrong you are as just “a way to get people talking about it.”  It’s the ultimate mail-it-in, who-gives-a-shit approach to writing.

So I am TOTALLY in!

This year will be no different! As with last year, the Aravan Awards are a group of awards in arbitrary categories for arbitrary reasons.  Oh, and since I am both lazy and have a horrible memory for time, I won’t restrict myself to things that came out this year, just things that I think I remember seeing this year.  Or am at least pretty sure I remember experiencing in 2011. Seriously, time is a big-ass blur to me quite often. Maybe it’s the drinking. Anyway, it’s time to haul out the cheap plastic statuettes and give credit where credit is due.

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