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Chapter 10 Excerpt from The Storm of Northreach

Possible title change?  You bet!  As always, unedited and probably bad.


To the east of Northreach Town and Tower, one of the Baron’s subjects, a man Rig Anders had never met and now would never get the chance to stumbled along in the slogging mud and rain.  Mogedin Vane, Mog to most of the residents of Pellslook while they yet lived, Boggy Moggy to his closest friends due to an unfortunate incident as a youth, leaned far forward as he half-ran and half-stumbled along, perpetually on the verge of pitching forward and using that momentum to carry him forward.  From time to time he overdid it, pitching onto his face and putting another coat of mud on his already-caked body.  At least the wet ground was soft, since he was unwilling to use his arms to keep his face out of the muck during the inevitable times he stumbled and fell. Read the rest of this entry

Something Brief While I Take A Noveling Break

So far, so good.  I’ve hit (or ever-so-slightly exceeded) the 1,667 word daily quota each day.  I haven’t been able to build a buffer yet, which isn’t great, but I’ll still take it.  The site this year adds some interesting stats, like how many days in a row you’ve made quota, how many words you need each day based on your current output, things like that.  It’s funny, because if I write 5,000 words today and 500 tomorrow, that would be well above a two-day quota, but since the site would call that 1 Successful Day and 1 Unsuccessful Day, it makes me want to hit the minimum at least every time.  Ahh, the incentives that stats bring.

A couple of things I’ve had on my mind the last few days: Read the rest of this entry

Chapter 8 Excerpt from The Storm of Anticus

From yesterday’s output:

After an interminable score of heartbeats, Beans appeared with Crumb’s arm slung over his shoulders, supporting the man’s weight as they staggered down the short set of stairs from the inn’s door.  Crumb had his large, hairy-knuckled hand pressed tightly against his neck as his thick lips moved in what seemed like a never-ending stream of curses.  Villios could see the slow ebb of blood seeping through the man’s fingers and was thankful – a pierced artery would be doing much more than just seeping. Read the rest of this entry

It’s That Time of Year Again….

It’s National Novel Writing Month, and I will be hip-deep in the endeavour to write 50,000 in the next 30 29 days.  I’ll post excerpts here as I go, as well as on my Facebook page.  I wish everyone else doing it this year the best of luck, and let’s go win this thing!