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Where Do We Go From Here?

I wrote this nearly 7 years ago. Apparently, where we went from that point is straight into the shitter.

Winter in Derenemyn

According to Wikipedia, the United States is the world’s largest producer of corn and soybeans.  Although it doesn’t say, I am beginning to believe that we also lead the world in producing outrage.  I don’t mean that we make more people in the world angry than anyone else, which may be possible, but that the average American produces more outrage than anyone else.  Getting outraged is what we do.  It’s the new national pastime, which is fine because baseball is so horribly dull anyway.  What I wonder, though, is how much more polarized and outraged our society may become.  Will it get better, or will it only get worse?


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Mass Effect Andromeda First Thoughts and Speculations

At E3 this year, EA dropped a new trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda. It doesn’t explain anything, doesn’t show gameplay, and isn’t everything that I’d hoped would be released (by which I mean I want to know everything RIGHT NOW like the impatient petulant child that I am). There were, however, some clues and hints about what’s to come. I need to talk about it, just to keep myself sane, so this is just going to be a scattershot of thoughts and speculation about what’s to come.

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A Serpent in the Citadel, Chapter 7: Taking a Few Shots

This is the seventh chapter in what was originally going to be a short intro to the characters and has turned into a much longer story than the original story I planned on telling. Sometimes that’s just what happens. If you’re crazy enough to read it in order, you can find the other chapters here:

Chapter 1: The Big Sister

Chapter 2: Long Walks and Short Thoughts

Chapter 3: Time for a Drink

Chapter 4: The Turian Inquisition

Chapter 5: Watchful Eyes

Chapter 6: A Great Plan

There was no talking for the next couple of minutes, unless you count swearing. I did plenty of that for all of us. I leaned out whenever there was a gap in the gunfire and fired as many rounds as I could, but the pistol was heating up fast. I had all the ammo I needed, what with each shot being tiny, but the immense speed they were fired built up a lot of heat. Too much and the automatic failsafe would kick in, leaving it inoperable until it cooled down again. Five seconds without a working firearm was a lifetime in a firefight.

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