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And Now, A Brief Message From A Beleaguered Accountant

Payroll tax filings and w-2’s are a horrible, horrible thing for me to deal with,  Federal forms, state forms, city forms, all calculated slightly differently and requiring a manual spreadsheet to complete.  I hate them all, I hates taxes in every way shape or form.  Ugh.

Five Things for Tuesday, Jan. 26

1.  I spent over 6 hours yesterday moving and/or assembling furniture yesterday.  I still have more to do, which is alright, since I don’t mind doing it really.  IKEA is the most wonderfulest furniture store ever, and putting their stuff together is generally really easy.  The only piece that frightens me is the buffet.  Lots o’ parts and heavy.  I’m not as sore as I thought I’d be, which is a bonus.

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Football Karma

Karma is an interesting concept.  My intention is not to discuss the wide-ranging philosophical implications of karma and what it means to different people and blah blah blah.  No, I’m merely interested in the applications of karma to professional football.

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Five Things for Friday, January 22nd

1.  Game predictions: Favre Bowl ’10 approacheth, like a beast shambling onwards towards Bethlehem.  Vikings/Jets in the Super Bowl.  God help us all.

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Short Five for Wednesday, Jan 20

1.  There are few things more joyous than remembering you brought a Raspberry Zinger to work and left it in your desk, but forgot to eat it at lunch, just before you go home.  It’s like a reward for surviving yet another drab workday.

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Five Things for Tuesday, January 19th

1.  East Coast Italian-Americans have got to be some of the most annoying people on the planet.  Mind you, I have a lot of friends who are of this ilk – my best friend since I was 12 among them – so I know of what I speak.  Why is it that every single one of them claim to have Mob members in their family (always a cousin or uncle) and insist on pronouncing any Italian food in the most ridiculous manner possible?  Really, are you going to say gobbagoo instead of capicolla?  Because you think it sounds authentic?  It actually makes you sound like a fucking retard.  When Italian Americans go to Taco Bell, do they roll their R’s so they can sound Mexican when ordering a berrrr-rito suprrr-emma?  When they go to an Irish restaurant, do they put on a high-pitched Lucky Charms leprechaun voice to order corned beef and cabbage?  My wife’s grandfather, a legitimate off-the-boat Italian from, you know, Italy, would never talk like that.  Why?  Because he was in America, and wanted to be an American, not some ridiculous caricature of someone who wants to be recognized as Italian.  And it seems to be an East Coast, Philly/New York/New Jersey thing for Italian-descended families, even the ones that are half-Italian or less.  I blame the popularity of mob movies for the phenomenon.

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Five Things for Friday, January 15th

1.  Like everyone else in the sports blogging world (not that this is a sports blog, but whatever), I’ll take a moment to pimp GQ’s absorbing report about the Marvin Harrison case.  It’s a strange but ultimately not unique story, I’m thinking, among the inner city life that most people only encounter on HBO.  The report has seemingly gotten the new Philadelphia prosecutor to turn the case over to the FBI for another look.  All in all, I can’t say that the case was handled badly the first time, honestly.  None of the people involved want to tell the truth about it, since it just isn’t done.  It gets settled their way, one way or another, without the police involved.  If it wasn’t for the fact that Harrison has a lot of money and is therefore a target for civil suits, this would have gone away long ago.

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Five Things for Wednesday, January 13th

1.  Comment redacted for safety.

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Five Things for Tuesday, January 12th

1.  Yes, I have been slacking a lot lately with writing.  The long holiday break from work has left a deep-seating seed of discontent at having to work, and since I mainly update while I am at the office, my pissy woe-is-me attitude at being here has affected my desire to write.  Plus its the beginning of year-end, we’re short handed, and I’m already busy on top of it all.  Wah wah wah work is hard.

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Five Things for January 7th

1.  Happy birthday to my awesomely amazing wife!  I love you so much!

2.  As I type this, The Dream Machine is being assembled in the basement.  What is The Dream Machine?  Only the biggest home gym we could find.  After today, it’s time to buckle down and work out again after a long holiday hiatus.  I miss how much better I feel when I’m eating right and exercising, but I am going to miss hot chocolate with big dollops of marshmallow fluff in it.  Ah well.  Everything in moderation.

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