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Five Things for Friday, Feb 26th

1.  Lady Aravan and I bought Bioshock 2, Mass Effect 2, and Dragon Age yesterday.  We were going to buy our own copy of Mass Effect as well, but they were sold out.  With the prospect of a coming snowstorm, fond hopes of a day off filling with gooey Xbox action floated around, right up until 9am when it was determined that I had to come into work.  Where less than half the staff actually came in.  Curses.

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Five Things for Thursday, Feb 25th

1.  I hate talking on the phone so much.  I used to have a job where I did nothing but, doing software support.  I’ll never be able to go back to it.  Just hearing stories from Lady Aravan about the people she needs to deal with on a given day is enough to reassure me that, yes, I am incapable of dealing with people over the phone.  I don’t even like calling a place for a take-out or delivery order.

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Art is Crap

The other day, Lady Aravan asked me if I thought people who came to our house thought our art choices were weird.  I responded that I didn’t think so, and essentially that I didn’t care too much if they did think that way, since we liked them.  The more I’ve thought about it, though, the more I have come to realize that art, of pretty much every sort, is total crap.

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Work Dialogue Trees

Sit Down (press A)

Access Laptop (press A)

Ignore E-mail (press A)

Co-Worker 1: Hi, Aravan, how are you today?


–          Just great, Co-Worker 1, and how are you?

–          Not bad, you?

–          Fuck off.

Aravan:  Fuck off.

 Co-Worker 1: Someone’s having a case of the Mondays, I see.  [ends]

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Monday Morning

Yesterday, I was cruising the galaxy in the fastest, most advanced ship in the Alliance arsenal.  Alien women were throwing themselves at my feet, I was being interviewed for the vids, I was interrupting every overheard conversation with an emphatic, “Is there something I can help you with?”  I was charging around the corridors of powerful but corrupt corporations, colonies under attack, and research facilities filled with alien beings who wanted me dead, my rippling muscles surging under the heavy armor that shielded me from their attacks while they died under withering fire from my Spectre class assault rifle.  Today?  Not so much.

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Five Things for Friday, February 19th

1.  Oh, it’s Friday.  Beautiful, awesome Friday.  Monday is an eternity away as the weekend beckons.  I made it another week!

2.  Hands down, the five best Girl Scout cookies, in order from first to fifth: Samoas, Tagalongs (they used to have more peanut butter than they do now, and could have challenged for #1 if they still had the same amount), Thin Mints (especially when frozen), Lemon Cremes, Do-Si-Does (or however it’s spelled).  Lady Aravan would actually reverse this list in its entirety, and make Shortbread #1.  This, friends, is the key to a happy marriage: finding someone who values the cookies you don’t like more than you do, therefore leaving you more of the cookies that you do like.  Oh, and communication.

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The Supernatural

I’ve always wanted to believe in the supernatural.  As a kid, I loved ghost stories and other supernatural horror stuff (well, I guess I still do, with, you know, writing a zombie novel and all), and I always hoped to discover a ghost or see something like that.  I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, but stopped going at 7, but even then I’m not sure how much BELIEF there was in me.  I went to Kingdom Hall, but I’m not sure I ever really bought into the actual existence of a god.  Maybe it’s just my futuristic atheist self projecting back on the past, but I really don’t remember thinking of it any different than any other stories.

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Five Things for Wednesday, Feb 17th

1.  My frazzled work-self is making it difficult for me to write.  I can barely think of five things to talk about without making one of them a ranty bitchy screed that no one cares about.  Of course, almost no one reads this anyway, so what’s the harm?  I guess I’d prefer to talk and think about other things.

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Five Things for Tuesday, February 16th

1.  It took over an hour to get to work today.  It was snowing. but there wasn’t any snow on the road.  People were just driving incredibly badly, either WAY too slow or ridiculously recklessly, like the tool douchebag driving the wrong way down a one-way street and looking pissed that he couldn’t get by.  I should have just driven into him.

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Five Things for Monday, Feb 15

1.  Valentine’s Day weekend was a lot of fun.  Friday night Lady Aravan and I relaxed with a Dominick’s stromboli and calzone, Saturday we went to a Chinese New Year’s party, and Sunday we had company for dinner.  As much as I looked forward to relaxing all weekend, every activity was a lot of fun and I enjoyed myself immensely.

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