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What It Would Take to Get Me To Pay $4k a Night for a Hotel

I am not unfamiliar with the concept of a luxury hotel. I am also aware that hotels on the beach in Florida are pricey as all hell. I am not entirely a beautiful naive sophisticated newborn baby (despite what my betrothed would say), so the fact that there are incredibly expensive hotel rooms out there is not a shock or unfathomable or anything. It does make me feel a little ill, to be honest, or at least the concept of paying for such a hotel does – I am an accountant, after all, and cost/benefit analysis is as hard-wired into my psyche (accountants are born, not made – if someone likes to learn about rules and is the first one to read them when a new boardgame is brought out, you’d probably make an excellent accountant. Which after reading that makes accountants sound boring as hell, which isn’t always true, but accounting itself really is pretty boring when you get right down to it.) as love of steak and distrust of yellow squash. I can’t wrap my head around paying 10 times as much for something simply for the fact that I can afford it when a suitable alternative provides the same function. I get nauseous.

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Holy Shit, Do I Need a Vacation

Hidey ho. For the past few days, I’ve been contemplating new blog posts. My last one, though, is a hard one to follow. I’ve struggled with writing some pointless angry rant about flip-flops or some other equally stupid shit when the last thing I wrote here was a heartfelt and painful goodbye to a friend I wasn’t ready to lose just yet. It just didn’t feel right to me. I’m sure if Carl was here, he’d insist that I write some stupid piece of shit drivel because that’s what I do, and he wouldn’t want me to change.

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Five Things for Tuesday, Feb 2nd

1.  Man, was yesterday a serious Monday, as in an epic “Case of the Mun-days.”  I was dreaded Monday as soon as it got dark on Sunday, as was Lady Aravan, and boy howdy were our premonitions of impending suck correct.  The best thing about today is that it isn’t yesterday.

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And Now, A Brief Message From A Beleaguered Accountant

Payroll tax filings and w-2’s are a horrible, horrible thing for me to deal with,  Federal forms, state forms, city forms, all calculated slightly differently and requiring a manual spreadsheet to complete.  I hate them all, I hates taxes in every way shape or form.  Ugh.

Five Things for Tuesday, January 12th

1.  Yes, I have been slacking a lot lately with writing.  The long holiday break from work has left a deep-seating seed of discontent at having to work, and since I mainly update while I am at the office, my pissy woe-is-me attitude at being here has affected my desire to write.  Plus its the beginning of year-end, we’re short handed, and I’m already busy on top of it all.  Wah wah wah work is hard.

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Five Things or So for Thursday, 11/12

1.  I’ve written 20,000 words of my novel in 12 days.  I feel very good about that milestone and the story in general.  How I feel about it when time and perspective are applied, I don’t know, but I hope I’ll still like it.  I think I will.  The zombies are about to make their first appearance, and I’m excited and nervous.  I’ve enjoyed writing a fantasy novel so far, and I hope I like writing zombie novels too.

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Five Things for Monday, 10/19

1.  The Redskins, as predicted, lost again, this time to the pathetic Chiefs.  Watching the slow-motion disintegration of my team is just depressing.  The quarterback is benched, and the backup has 30 seconds, down 6, for a miracle win.  Instead, he just gets sacked in the end zone for a safety, game over.  At least he didn’t draw out the suffering.  The coach is relieved of his play-calling duties, which leaves him even more of a lame duck.  Now what?  I’ll tell you: a loss next week, in humiliating fashion, on prime-time Monday night.  Are you ready for some football scrimmage practice embarrassment?

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Five Things – Wednesday 10/14

1.  Busy day.  A lot of work got done.  I did manage to blow up a wee bit on my boss’ boss, and I ended up asking a bit forcefully when the Accounting department was going to be informed that there was an additional position to be filled in 2010, since we had to deal with the salary and related areas like pension and company contributions to Social Security and Medicare for budgetary purposes.  A whole lot of wind later I got a “my bad”.  Then I worked out (200 pushups, thanks sir!) and was too tired to care.

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Work Annoyance

Hello, wife and Peruvian farmer!  I apologize for the lack of updates – work has been alternating between a grind and flurry in an attempt to close the second quarter, and so my missives have been non-existent.  I am still working on the story, in my head, so hopefully when I get a chance I will be able to get some of it down on paper, digital or otherwise.  Friday and this weekend I am committed to carving out time to write.  I will also be parsing out more meager portions to spread the dissemination over more time.  Maybe.

Accountants, Gamers, and Nerds

Accountants seem to be one of those professions that are universally classified as pure geek in popular culture.  Watch any episode of Law & Order where the investigation leads to a trail of money, and at some point a bow-tie wearing, nervous, shifty weakling will be accosted, and the initials CPA will be associated with him.  Computer techs used to get the identical treatment, until the emergence of shows like Chuck and the insufferable douchebag that hocks Macs.  Douchey is better equated with lacrosse players and popped collars on golf shirts, which is decidedly no longer geeky.  So why is the accountant the Lone Staple Nerd archetype among actual well-paying jobs?

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