Five Things for Tuesday, January 12th

1.  Yes, I have been slacking a lot lately with writing.  The long holiday break from work has left a deep-seating seed of discontent at having to work, and since I mainly update while I am at the office, my pissy woe-is-me attitude at being here has affected my desire to write.  Plus its the beginning of year-end, we’re short handed, and I’m already busy on top of it all.  Wah wah wah work is hard.

2.  I am terrible at social interaction with people I don’t know.  All I can focus on is getting through the interaction as swiftly as humanly possible.  Afterwards, I am never sure what was so bad about it that I was trying to hurry it along so much, but when I am in the moment I just want to get away from them as soon as humanly possible.  That’s something I should work on.

3.  I applied for a job today that I really am incredibly excited about.  It fits perfectly with my past job experiences, sounds like something and somewhere I’d have the opportunity for professional growth, and is still local.  I already started my exit interview from my current job in my head.  I need to relax, since there is a strong chance that I won’t get the job for whatever reason, and I don’t want to get too disappointed if I don’t get it.  But it’s nice to know that an opportunity exists in my field that I can feel genuinely excited about.

4.  I’ve gotten good reviews of my novel so far, from friends whose opinions are of course biased but that I believe.  I NEED to edit the damn thing further, flesh out some other things and the like, but I am honestly beginning to believe that it’s publishable.  Wow.

5.  It seems like every morning when I wake up there is a small amount of snow on the ground.  I always look to see if it’s still snowing, but it never is.  I keep wishing that it was snowing, laying another thick blanket of snow on the ground that I’d have to shovel.  I had so much fun doing that normally onerous task with my wife that I’d jump at the chance to do it again.

About Alan Edwards

Former cancer caregiver. Husband of the most magical and amazing person who ever lived.

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