Five Things for January 7th

1.  Happy birthday to my awesomely amazing wife!  I love you so much!

2.  As I type this, The Dream Machine is being assembled in the basement.  What is The Dream Machine?  Only the biggest home gym we could find.  After today, it’s time to buckle down and work out again after a long holiday hiatus.  I miss how much better I feel when I’m eating right and exercising, but I am going to miss hot chocolate with big dollops of marshmallow fluff in it.  Ah well.  Everything in moderation.

3.  I recently started playing Band Hero with my wife.  It’s weird – never had any interest in anything of the sort, and yet I find myself really having a lot of fun playing it.  Our friend who owns it said the same thing, which is what prompted him to buy it.  It’s oddly fun, and it was a big hit at our New Year’s Eve party.  We may end up getting one of our own.  Wouldn’t have believed that a month ago.

4.  Getting involved in other people’s bullshit drama really gets my goat.  You try to be an adult, extricate yourself from the situation, refuse to pick sides, only to have everyone else pick sides for you and enlist you in the drama against your will.  It makes me actively dislike and want to distance myself from everyone involved in the drama in the first place.

5.  Mike Shanahan is now head coach of the Skins.  I’m cautiously optimistic.  After all, it can’t nearly be as bad as this year’s national punchline of a season.  I’m happy to leave behind the bingo caller jokes and insanity behind.  I’m glad Dan Snyder read my blog post about what I would do as owner.  It sure seemed to help get the franchise back on track.

About Alan Edwards

Former cancer caregiver. Husband of the most magical and amazing person who ever lived.

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