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The Whole Redskins Name Change Thing

For years now, I’ve been hearing about the lawsuits filed by Native Americans claiming that the Washington NFL team’s nickname is racist and demeaning and offensive and needs to be changed.  College programs from all around the country have changed their school nicknames under the threat of litigation for fear of offending a segment of the population.  Certain writers have elevated this outrage to a histrionic degree.  I have to admit, I’m a little confused about the whole thing. Read the rest of this entry

Two Minutes’ Hate

There are many things in the world that piss me off (stamps required on government documents, for example).  Here, I will illustrate some of the things that make me hurl obscenities like Zeus chucks thunderbolts.  What I hate comes after the jump.  What you hate, you can put in the comments.

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No one is perfect.  I know I am not perfect, but a lot of my life has been involved in achieving at least the appearance of perfection.  Most of this is subconscious.  But beyond just the appearance, I really and truly hold myself to a high and impossible standard.  When I fail to meet that standard, I give way to self-loathing and depression.  This is something I am working to change, along with other aspects of my behavior that aren’t healthy.  However, it isn’t always successful, and this leads to my frustration.

This weekend, I found myself engaging in behavior that I am trying to avoid.  I don’t need to be afraid, I don’t need to be productive in order to avoid or deflect anyone’s anger, no one is expecting this behavior from me but me.  The frustrating part (well, one of many) is that I know when I am doing it, and am even telling myself not to do it while I am doing it.  I know it isn’t easy to change, and that I don’t need to beat myself up over it (which just leads to the self-loathing behavior), but it certainly is frustrating.  I am just glad that I can now recognize it, which gives me a chance to do something about it.

Jury Duty

Well, wonderful.  I get home and discover that I have been summoned for jury duty.  OK, fine, I’m a citizen, I’ll do my duty, blah blah blah.  The thing that gets me, though, is that I need to fill out a form with my information and send it to them.  They don’t even give me the courtesy of having a damn postage paid envelope.  Nope, I have to try to scrounge up a stamp from somewhere so I get the privilege of earning 7 dollars while judging one of my peers.


Actually, I like the sound of that.  I and I alone (ignore the other 11 people) could hold your fate in my hands!  I could send you to prison on a whim!  Muahaha!  I mislike your shirt!  TEN YEARS IN THE POKEY!  Or perhaps I will be merciful, and grant you salvation with the mere nod of my head.  OK, this jury duty thing isn’t so bad after all.

The stamp part, though…that still pisses me off.

Accountants, Gamers, and Nerds

Accountants seem to be one of those professions that are universally classified as pure geek in popular culture.  Watch any episode of Law & Order where the investigation leads to a trail of money, and at some point a bow-tie wearing, nervous, shifty weakling will be accosted, and the initials CPA will be associated with him.  Computer techs used to get the identical treatment, until the emergence of shows like Chuck and the insufferable douchebag that hocks Macs.  Douchey is better equated with lacrosse players and popped collars on golf shirts, which is decidedly no longer geeky.  So why is the accountant the Lone Staple Nerd archetype among actual well-paying jobs?

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Zombie Star Trek

I am vigilant to the threats of zombies. Some of you take comfort in that fact, that should a zombie problem arise, I will be your early warning system. Crazy? Maybe. Ludicrous? Absolutely. However, I take my charge seriously. I won’t let any of you down. That is why I speak my warning now: there are zombies among us, and they are an abomination.

Here Goes….

Welcome to my attempt at giving myself a space and forcing myself to commit to writing.  I expect that soon I will have a wide-ranging and adoring audience, by which I mean myself and my wife.  What I really want to accomplish is a dedicated approach to writing, whether it is self-discovery or just bitching about the Redskins.  I’ll post some of my older writing as well from time to time.  Not that there is a lot of it.