Monthly Archives: March 2011

The eBook Adventure Begins in Earnest

When I published The Curse of Troius through Createspace, I was excited for two things: I now had an actual printed book that I wrote in my hands, and I could look at and see my book for sale across the country.  I felt good about it, to see all those hours and days and months that added up finally resulted in an actual tangible result.  I suppose it was a shadowy imitation of the experience of having a child (I wouldn’t know for sure, but in my imagination it is): something unique that only you could have created, now in the world.  All I know is, Lady Aravan probably thought I’d lost my mind as I sat holding it, giggling and shaking my head in sheer wonder. Read the rest of this entry

Some Thoughts on Self-Publishing

Recently, a friend and fellow-writer-stymied-by-the-ridiculously-impregnable-world-of-publishing sent me a link to a blog post.  Since it was about self-publishing, which I have done and my friend has not, he thought it would be of interest to me.

Boy, was he right. Read the rest of this entry