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Writing Slumps

God, I hate getting into a writing slump.  Some days, writing is the easiest thing in the world, you already have the sentences you want to write fully-formed in your mind and they just flow in the natural course of writing.  Other days, everything you write sounds like the most godawful piece of shit string of random characters that have ever been put into a sentence.  Today is one of the later for me.  Everything I write looks and sounds like shit, doesn’t convey what I mean, is utterly lifeless and boring.  I am doubting not only what I am writing now, but everything I have ever written.  God I hate days like this.

Five Zombie Things for Wednesday, May 12

1.  I was asked not long ago whether I thought Zombieland was the funniest zombie movie of all time.  I said it wasn’t; I still think Shaun of the Dead is the best zombie comedy ever.  My opinion was met with disbelief and indignation, but I haven’t changed my mind.  Zombieland is very funny, absolutely; I laughed out loud a lot, enjoyed Bill Murray’s cameo (to a point, see below), loved Woody Harrelson and the Rules.  The reason I like Shaun better is primarily the reason why I prefer British to American comedy styles overall.  For the most part, Shaun is clever rather than slapstick and over-the-top, a bit more subtle overall.  There is something in every scene to notice and store away, because it’ll get referenced later.  The people involved aren’t ridiculously gorgeous (typical American movie issue, though), and the whole is a nice, seamless zombie movie that also happens to be funny.  My main two problems with Zombieland that knock it from the top spot: fast zombies, and the “joke” Bill Murray pulls that gets him killed.  No one would do that to a person heavily armed and in a zombie apocalypse.  Again, I get it, it’s a joke, haha, but it jarred me out of the suspension of disbelief I happily had going until then.

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The Curse of Troius: A Zombie Fantasy Novel

That’s my book!  Buy it on Amazon, CreateSpace, or other online retailers!  Join the Facebook page for excerpts and other news!  Woot!

Five Things for Monday, May 10th

1.  My novel is now on sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble’s website, even a couple of Indian websites and a couple of Asian ones.  Crazy.  Before I did it, I said I’d be pleased if I sold a dozen copies.  I’ve sold 15, so I am now officially happy.  I’ve set up a Facebook page for it and already have over 40 fans, a couple of whom I don’t know and never met.  It’s cool.  I was afraid to set one up, feeling like the world’s biggest narcissist, but Lady Aravan had a good point: I want to write for a living, and I need to promote the thing as best I can.  She’s right.  Now I just need to stop checking the page incessantly.

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