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Day 3

Whenever I start working out after any time off, whether it’s a week or 5 years, the third day of the program is the one I dread most.  It’s the worst day, hands down. 

Day 1 is rough.  Part of you wants to do it, part of you wants it to start tomorrow, which is why Day 1 can sometimes take weeks or years to actually end.  Ahh, you seductive minx, Tomorrow, how you promise everything will be much better then, how easy it’ll all be.  Once you get past that, though, it generally isn’t too bad.  Sure, you might struggle through the workout, things that you did so easily before might leave you panting and grunting, but when it’s over, it’s over.  You feel good. Read the rest of this entry

So, A Week Off Kind’ve Happened…

It certainly wasn’t intentional.  I took last Tuesday and Wednesday off from work, since I’d agreed to cater a 40-person dinner on Wednesday night, and figured that it would be a good idea to give myself actual time to do it.  The best part was that Lady Aravan volunteered to do the desserts and took those days off as well.  Tuesday, we got up, did Bob’s cardio exercise, felt great, and went clothes shopping.  Had a great time, got home, started prepping some food and throwing stuff into slow cookers.  So far so good, day off and still worked out! Read the rest of this entry

Exercise DVD Review: Jillian Michael’s Shred It with Weights

If you’ve read any of my reviews before, you’ll know that I generally take a very light-hearted and whimsical approach to them.  I hate dry and stuffy reviews, and I prefer to try to make them at least somewhat entertaining while providing you the reader with my impressions and opinions of the item or restaurant or book or movie in question.  Unfortunately, this review is not light-hearted, but I don’t think it’s going to be dry either.  Normally, when I write a review, I’m in a good genial mood.  Right now, I’m not.  Honestly, I’m a little angry.  I am also disappointed, and in a way, I feel betrayed.  Bear with me; there is honestly a review in here. Read the rest of this entry

Gently Rapping Your Head Against a Brick Wall, AKA Getting a Publishing Agent

Have you ever wanted to inflict yourself with crippling self-doubt? Perhaps you enjoy your current job, but miss the feeling of receiving rejection letters or simple stony silence? Does poring over a business form letter to ensure that it somehow manages to be both professional and stands out from the crowd all at the same time sound like a lot of fun to you? Then I have a suggestion for YOU! Try to get yourself a publishing agent! Read the rest of this entry

The New Cover is Almost Here!

Here we go.  It looks awesome, in my opinion, and I am psyched to get it submitted and reprinted.  Woo hoo!


Ramping It Up

I’ve been working hard the last few weeks, especially in the cardio department, and the work has been paying off.  I’m leaner, I’m fitter, I am probably definitely in the best shape of my life.  I reached my weight goal, I reached my 100 push-up goal, and I am currently between “goals” for the most part beyond working hard and getting better.  One thing that had stagnated during this time, though, has been my strength regimen.

Read the rest of this entry


Goals are funny things.  On the one hand, they provide motivation, an end to shape and target your means, the light at the end of the tunnel.  They help you keep your eyes on the prize, to remember that it’s a marathon not a sprint, and every incremental step towards that goal becomes fuel for taking the next, harder step.

On the other hand, what happens when you reach your goal?  There’s that feeling of exaltation – I did it!  The feeling of pride, of joy, it’s amazing, and makes all that hard work worthwhile.  Then you get up the next day.  What then?  Celebrate with an ice cream sundae? (Note: DO NOT celebrate with an ice cream sundae)  Take the day off and bask in your own awesomeness?  (See previous note) Read the rest of this entry

Muscle Memory is an Amazing Thing

This morning, I was given a strong lesson on the effects of muscle memory.  Oh, sure, it’s one I’ve gotten a billion times over the course of my life, but today’s instruction was particularly protracted and painful.  I should know better, and I understand the concept: the more you do a particular action, the more your body gets used to that particular action, and adapts itself to it, making it easier.  It’s the premise that golfers use to perfect their swings and choose those ridiculously stupid outfits, and how athletes of every stripe perfect the movements they need to excel, from hurdles to throwing a ball.  Muscle memory is great, usually. Read the rest of this entry


I am sore.  Hamstrings?  Sore.  Quads, calves?  Yup.  Pretty much everything on me is sore.  I guess that’s what happens when you take three days off from exercise.  Crazy.

Lady Aravan and I worked out Saturday (a double-shot of Jillian’s Biggest Winner Series – more on that later), then went to an event that ended with me drinking quite a bit (it’s fine, I logged my alcohol calories and took them into account, as did my fair Lady).  So, when I awoke Sunday I was still a bit drunk and decided that exercise really wasn’t in the cards early, and then later we had friends visiting.  Day off, no biggie.  Then Monday came, and having a lazy day off was too nice, and exercise was pushed off until Tuesday, which of course was another lazy day off and I just said forget it.  Wednesday, however, it was up at 4:30 and back at it. Read the rest of this entry

Man, He Works Fast

In one day, the cover art goes from black and white to this:

Daevan and Troius, in color

Am I pysched?  Hell yeah.