Bob Harper’s Workout Plan, Day 11

Friday, my second favorite day of the week.  Today will be another session with Helen, Stephanie, and Francisco, with Bob yelling at us.  It’s also weigh-in day.  As she discovered yesterday, Lady Aravan is down another pound.  Oddly enough, earlier in the week I told her that I felt heavier, and that I was afraid I’d gain this week, for no good reason.  I’d lost 3.5 pounds last week, so would I break through the 180s and go into the Unknown Zone of the 170s?


I was 182.  I’d gained a pound.  Now, I’ve reached the point where weight has become a secondary concern compared to overall strength, fitness, flexibility, and body fat percentage.  Still….  There is something about that scale stone-facedly telling you that you’ve gained weight.  You can’t help but think of the sweat that you’ve left on the floor, the aching muscles all week, pushing your body to the limits of its endurance and beyond.  Logically, I know it doesn’t matter – I could have had too much sodium yesterday and retained water, it could be a million things, but just knowing that I have to put in my weight tracker that not only did I NOT lose weight, I GAINED weight.  Hit my calorie numbers every day.  Worked out every day but Monday, as usual.  Didn’t indulge in anything.  It grates, even though I know I shouldn’t let it.  Lady Aravan tells me the right things, and I appreciate her support, but it still stings.

Workout time, and I’m a little angry.  That works for me.  You can see in this video when Helen gets pushed, she gets angry, and uses that anger to fuel her workout.  That’s what I’ll do.  I try to power through everything and tough it out.  It’s still brutal, of course, the down-and-outs setting my heart to a machine-gun pace, the lunges, squats, everything, but I am determined.  A pound.  I’ll show you a pound.

We ‘re doing well.  More jump squats than before for each of us.  The t-stands, of course, are still a killer.  If I haven’t talked enough about the suppination extensions, allow me to go into them in a little more detail.  If there is one exercise that the denizens of hell are forced to perform, it would be this one.  Grab 2 weights.  I’m using 10 pounds, Lady Aravan 8 or 5, I’m a little dazed by this point.  Hold the weights in front of you with your elbows bent and at your sides, like you are holding a tray.  Then push your arms straight out in front of you until your arms are extended straight out from your shoulders.  Pull them back.  Do it again.  Faster.  FASTER.  When you feel like you are going to die, he makes you do them out to the sides.  FASTER.  Then back to the front, but this time on one foot.  FASTER.  Now bend down into a chair squat – do not stop moving your arms – and keep going.  Now out to the sides again, still squatting.  I think they last 2 minutes.  It might be 30 seconds (note: it isn’t, but it would still be enough).  All I know is, time stops, and just the notion of what you are trying to do is mind-blowingly insane.  If the DVD ends at that point, it would be great, but you’re only about halfway through, and you haven’t even done the push-up to t-stand rounds yet.  They are the hardest exercise I have ever attempted – simple to execute, hard to keep up.

It’s over, and I managed to do most of the knee-to-elbow mountain climbers at the end, which is an accomplishment.  I’m still disappointed with the pound, but I worked hard.  Lady Aravan rocked it as well: instead of cussing Bob, her mantra today was, “I can do this.  I’m strong.  I can do this.”  Hearing it helped me.

Breakfast, shower time.  I’m still chewing on the pound thing, so I get back on the scale, but this time to check my body fat percentage.  I measured it 2 weeks ago, just before we started Bob’s workout plan, and I was at 22%.  Probably a bad idea to check it, since I’m supposed to only do it monthly, but here we go.  The scale goes through its 5 4 3 2 1 and spits out the number resentfully.  20.  20% body fat, down 2% in 2 weeks.  OK.  I feel better.  I look in the mirror, and try to remind myself that there is more to all of this stuff besides weight.  It’s become almost like the Olympic motto for us all:  Faster.  Stronger.  Lighter.  So many of us live and die by that number that spits out at the end.  Sometimes, that’s not the focus.  Now, I’m focusing on the other changes, like the body fat.  For a week, Lady Aravan has been talking about my “Man V”, the line of muscles that go from the hips down and frame the stomach (and for me, forever immortalized by Jillian Michaels: “You know that line that usually only guys get – well, we girls can get it too, with a little bit of work.  Ugh.  Maybe a lot of work… BWAHAHAHAHAHA”  It’s her burst of laughter that always makes me wonder what she heard from elsewhere to make her laugh like that, but I’ve never figured it out).  I have one now, so there’s that.  I’m stronger, I’m faster, I’m fitter, so “Lighter” can go take a hike for this week.

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