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Some Quick Redskins Thoughts

Last year, September 28th to be precise, I predicted that JIm Zorn would be fired and replaced with Mike Shanahan.  I was right, just like I was with Chris Samuels’ retirement.  Neither pleased me overmuch, since it meant that the ‘Skins truly did have an awful year, and one of the offensive line stalwarts was gone for good.  It kind’ve takes the wind out of the old sails.

So, we’ve had two meaningless preseason games so far, and thus it is time to reflect on what I see.  I am glad we have Donovan McNabb.  I think he does a lot of McNabb Things, like the grounder to the tight end, that I don’t like, but the clutch play on third down that has murdered the Redskins for years will be in our favor this time.  He has a much better record in the Skins stadium than any QB we’ve actually employed, so I’d rather have him.

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Five Things for Tuesday, Feb 2nd

1.  Man, was yesterday a serious Monday, as in an epic “Case of the Mun-days.”  I was dreaded Monday as soon as it got dark on Sunday, as was Lady Aravan, and boy howdy were our premonitions of impending suck correct.  The best thing about today is that it isn’t yesterday.

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Five Things for Tuesday, Jan. 26

1.  I spent over 6 hours yesterday moving and/or assembling furniture yesterday.  I still have more to do, which is alright, since I don’t mind doing it really.  IKEA is the most wonderfulest furniture store ever, and putting their stuff together is generally really easy.  The only piece that frightens me is the buffet.  Lots o’ parts and heavy.  I’m not as sore as I thought I’d be, which is a bonus.

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Football Karma

Karma is an interesting concept.  My intention is not to discuss the wide-ranging philosophical implications of karma and what it means to different people and blah blah blah.  No, I’m merely interested in the applications of karma to professional football.

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Five Things for Friday, January 22nd

1.  Game predictions: Favre Bowl ’10 approacheth, like a beast shambling onwards towards Bethlehem.  Vikings/Jets in the Super Bowl.  God help us all.

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Five Things for Wednesday, January 13th

1.  Comment redacted for safety.

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Five Things or So for Thursday, 11/12

1.  I’ve written 20,000 words of my novel in 12 days.  I feel very good about that milestone and the story in general.  How I feel about it when time and perspective are applied, I don’t know, but I hope I’ll still like it.  I think I will.  The zombies are about to make their first appearance, and I’m excited and nervous.  I’ve enjoyed writing a fantasy novel so far, and I hope I like writing zombie novels too.

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Five Things for Friday, 10/23

1.  Have you ever really liked a song and enjoyed everything about it except one little thing that just starts to stand out to you every time you hear it?  Then the more you hear it, the more time you spend dreading the part you don’t like?  Eventually, you end up not liking the song nearly as much as you did and every time you hear it gets a little more disappointing?  If no, then fuck off and read something else.

For my wife, one of those songs, I think, would be “China Girl” by David Bowie (and just now, the part she hates ran through her head and for a second she hates me just a little bit for bringing it up).  For me, that song is “Paradise City” by Guns n Roses.  The beginning of that song is like the perfectly distilled essence of what is good about rock music.  The extended musical intro, the wailing refrain, simple and pure: “Take me down to Paradise City/ where the grass is green/ and the girls are pretty/Oh won’t you please take me home.”  If for one song, I was blessed with the ability to play guitar, sing, and dominate a stage with my presence, it would absolutely be “Paradise City.”  Except for one niggling thing.

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Five Things for October 22nd

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Me, October 16th, 5:48 p.m.:  “Chris Samuels will retire (I predict)”

Pro Football Talk, October 21, 3:29 .pm.: “Samuels is not expected to play again this year, and Schefter says that some within the organization think that Samuels will never play again.

“One source told Schefter that Samuels is privately saying that he plans to retire.”

I might need to change the tag from “Bad Predictions” to “Fuck, I’m Going To Be Right, Aren’t I?”