Football Karma

Karma is an interesting concept.  My intention is not to discuss the wide-ranging philosophical implications of karma and what it means to different people and blah blah blah.  No, I’m merely interested in the applications of karma to professional football.

Talking to a friend Friday night, I asked if he thought that karma was going to bite the Vikings and Jets.  I was referring to reports that the Jets were offering AFC Championship on their website leading up to the game, and Manhattan Island “renaming” itself to Revis Island.  I asked him if, as a Jets fan, if he thought that was such a great idea.  He loved it, the team showing itself as unafraid and not planning on back down.  He was unfazed by my comment that this wasn’t the team, it was third-party hangers-on.

The Vikings found themselves in a similar situation, thanks to a couple of folks.  Brett Favre channeling his inner-Idol (I think he was just huckstering the media giant that helped make him a household name/hated curse) leading to focus on some dumb-ass American Idol contestant – well, Brett Favre needs an entire section unto himself.  But the Prince song thing bandwagoning in – well, from a karma standpoint, involving Prince probably wasn’t such a great thing.

Ole Brittfar, however – man, that was karmic backlash at its finest.  Making himself such a polarizing factor with his offseason activity (is it possible to retire 3 times and hold the record for consecutive starts?  Somehow, I think not), abandoning the team and fans that lauded him to the exclusion of all else, and insisting on positioning himself to play for their biggest rival simply because he wanted to stick it to his old GM, and to have a fanbase that hated the guy for over a decade suddenly buying up his shirts and posting things on Facebook like “We’re Vikings/Favre fans”, when this same guy killed his team with a dumb INT late in the NFC Championship game a couple of years prior – well, karmically speaking, isn’t that EXACTLY how it should have turned out?

I hope the Vikings win the next 4 Super Bowls in a row with Tavaris Jackson at QB.  I hope Favre retires for the last time.  I’m so thankful that I don’t have to hear about FAVRE FAVRE FAVRE for 2 straight weeks and have that ass ruin the Super Bowl for me.  Somehow, I think he’ll manage to make a Stunning Announcement at some point before the Super Bowl.  Call it a hunch.

If I were to make an early prediction for Karmic Super Bowl Champs, it’d be the Colts.  They focused on making the Super Bowl, eschewing the chance to end with a perfect season, and did so in workmanlike fashion according to their core beliefs.  The Saints were handed the game after being handled pretty well, and I think, like the Cardinals before them, their fans are a little too stoked to make it.  There’s still another game to play.

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