Five Things for Tuesday, Jan. 26

1.  I spent over 6 hours yesterday moving and/or assembling furniture yesterday.  I still have more to do, which is alright, since I don’t mind doing it really.  IKEA is the most wonderfulest furniture store ever, and putting their stuff together is generally really easy.  The only piece that frightens me is the buffet.  Lots o’ parts and heavy.  I’m not as sore as I thought I’d be, which is a bonus.

2.  You would think the entire football season was over based on a lot of the mainstream media coverage.  Article after article about Favre and how his season and possibly career has ended.  He lost, and garners this much slobbering attention.  Imagine a world in which that dickbag won.  I’d become a soccer fan.

3.  I think the Colts will beat the Saints.  The Saints can’t match up defensively with Indy’s offense, which had to face two of the league’s best in back-to-back playoff games.  The Saints struggled in all aspects against the Vikes, and I think the Colts D is quick enough and schematically sound enough to contain the Saints weapons.  The Vikes, who could have power rushed or passed with equal ability (and the same propensity for turnovers), would have been a lot harder for the Colts D to deal with, although their secondary injuries would have doomed them regardless.  I could see this being a back-and-forth high-scorer, or a blowout like we haven’t seen since the 90’s.  This means the Saints will probably win in a 9-6 clock-grinder.

4.  I need to post a new food review soon.  Maybe I’ll do Mexican Post.  I can’t think of anything else in either really good or really bad standout status.

5.  It’s good to be a DINK.  Want a new living room set?  Sure, let’s go get it, whatever we want.  Hey, look, a dining room piece we like!  Buy it.  Another XBox 360?  Why not.  Hell, need a new flat-screen TV to use with it, let me run by BJ’s and pick one up.

About Alan Edwards

Former cancer caregiver. Husband of the most magical and amazing person who ever lived.

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