Some Quick Redskins Thoughts

Last year, September 28th to be precise, I predicted that JIm Zorn would be fired and replaced with Mike Shanahan.  I was right, just like I was with Chris Samuels’ retirement.  Neither pleased me overmuch, since it meant that the ‘Skins truly did have an awful year, and one of the offensive line stalwarts was gone for good.  It kind’ve takes the wind out of the old sails.

So, we’ve had two meaningless preseason games so far, and thus it is time to reflect on what I see.  I am glad we have Donovan McNabb.  I think he does a lot of McNabb Things, like the grounder to the tight end, that I don’t like, but the clutch play on third down that has murdered the Redskins for years will be in our favor this time.  He has a much better record in the Skins stadium than any QB we’ve actually employed, so I’d rather have him.

Albert Haynesworth isn’t worth discussing.  Thanks, Cerrato and Synder, for saddling us with a prima donna and an untenable contract.

I am cautiously optimistic, still.  I think Chris Cooley and Fred Davis will help make up for a nondescript receiver corps, I think Portis has enough left in him, and the defense will respond to Haslett’s style well.  They’ve only given up 3 first-quarter points in the preseason, and I’ll take that.  I still see them just missing the playoffs, but I am just hoping for respectability this year, after a ridiculous season last year.

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