Bob Harper’s Workout Plan, Day 8

It’s day 8!  That means enough rest, Monday is far behind now.  We begin week 4 today.  Yesterday I complained about not getting up to exercise.  Naturally, this morning is incredibly difficult to face.  4:30 is 9 hours earlier than I remember it being.  My quads are sore, which surprises me a bit, but I guess the Turkish Get-Ups from Sunday, plus trying to push a couch up a 6-inch-wide stairwell, have made them a bit overexerted.  I get the feeling that Bob won’t care.

Sure enough, he doesn’t mention it.  We get started.  It’s all routine now, and we fly through each and every exercise with hardly breaking a sweat.  Hah.  Actually, it’s hard, brutal hard, sweat pouring and flying still.  It’s not easier, not really, but that’s just because we are able to do a little more than last time.  Maybe last week I would have paused during the never-ending swings to catch my breath, but this time I do them all.  We both are doing a bit more of everything, so the improvement is noticeable.

I remember to count my push-ups again, and even remember the number afterwards.  52 in one minute, when I’m already beat, the first 45 without sagging to my knees.  I only stop moving for a few seconds between shifting to my knees, which is better, and those last 7 from my knees are as painful as anything I’ve ever done.  I even manage to produce a facsimile of Fast Feet when called upon, much better than usual, although the transition to jumping from side to side still renders me hunched over and unable to do them all.  Next time (ha).  I start the Tuck Jumps earlier, and Lady Aravan does probably double the amount from last time.

All in all, we give maximum effort, outperforming the talent on screen more than once.  Well, except for Roxie, of course.  I’ve noticed that Bob makes Roxie his showpiece when everyone is falling out, including her.  His mantra at those times is, “Show ’em, Roxie!”  Then she gamely flies through overhead presses despite the fact that we just did a ton of pushups and presses.  “Show ’em, Roxie!” and she’s doing speed squats like the machine at IKEA that shows how durable the POANG chair is.

We’re done, we’re tired, and we’re proud of ourselves and each other.  Breakfast – steel cut oatmeal today – takes a long time to consume.  It’s 6 am and I’ve had a quart of water already.  Shower up, back into traffic for the ride to work.  Do I feel better than yesterday?  Yes.  I’m tired, just like yesterday, but it’s different.  Yesterday was the exhaustion of lethargy, while today is the fatigue of doing.  I prefer it.

Oh, and yes: we still wanted to punch Becky in the face when she made us do extra jumping jacks.

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Former cancer caregiver. Husband of the most magical and amazing person who ever lived.

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