Bob Harper’s Workout Plan, Day 9

Today was the first day of trying Bob Harper’s workout plan that I was struggling mentally.  Well, OK, I was also struggling physically, but I just didn’t feel enthusiasm this morning, like I usually do.  I think it’s apprehension about work coloring my mood.  My boss was on vacation last week, which made me happy.  Not so much this week.  To say I dislike my boss is a bit like saying the American colonists had a bit of a tiff with their British overlords: correct, but woefully understated.  I came home yesterday hating my job and dreaded going back, went to bed resentful that my time away from work was already done, and woke up depressed at the prospect of going back.  I am upset that it was affecting my effort, even a little bit.

It was a tough day.  It’s Pure Burn strength day today, and it isn’t any easier.  “You wanted Bob Harper as your trainer.  Well, here I am.”  He is indeed.  We are both noticeably stronger, powering through the weighted jump squats better than ever, but man oh man was it difficult.  The same exercises that kick my ass keep kicking it, but we still need less rest than before.  Today, I felt like I was drawn inward completely, drawing on everything I had to get through it.

Lady Aravan was pushing hard, trying to up the weights she uses.  The downside is the heavier weights means she gets fatigued faster, and it bothered her that it became nearly impossible to keep up the pace of everyone else.  Of course, on the flip side, using them will make her stronger and then able to keep up the pace.  At one point, during our lunges, “I’m so tired” became her mantra, said over and over with every deep bend.  I knew what she meant.

One thing I like about the video, and still surprises me, is during the bicep curls.  “You’ve seen bicep curls in a million exercise DVDs,” Bob tells us, and he’s right.  But he tells us these will be different, because he wants us to concentrate on the movement and muscles.  Every time he says that, the curls double in intensity.  It’s amazing, but he is dead on.  I’ve incorporated that philosophy in my regular strength workouts, and it truly makes a significant difference.  He emphasizes that throughout the video: Think about the muscles you are trying to work.  Feel them working.  Tighten them.  It works, but man is it exhausting.

I was glad it was done, as the sweat dripped off my nose and pattered onto my thighs as I stretched, but the specter of work rose up once more.  For an hour I was at peace, albeit tinged with supreme muscular agony.  Time to allow the soul-sucking to commence.

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  1. Congrats to you and Lady Aravan for fighting thru the tough days. I have added on heavier weights as well, and it is killing my arms. Hang in there guys…you really make working out a bit more fun for me. Thank god for sarcasm. At least I know there a few more crazy people sweating their asses off with Bob along with me.

    Sorry bout the ‘Skins. They always seem to crap the bed, I hope this year is better for you guys. Looks like things have changed alot in the past week fantasy-wise, gotta feel bad for those folks who drafted their team early. My draft is on Sunday.

    • It definitely is good to know we aren’t the only ones voluntarily submitting to what probably would be outlawed by the Geneva Convention. We crazy people gots to stick together!

      It’s funny – for the first time in 9 years I’m not doing fantasy football. Lady Aravan is, but I decided to bow out after years of obsessing over individual performances. I think I need to recharge, and just watch the games, after years of barely paying attention while surfing my laptop to keep up on stats. It feels like freedom!

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