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Tracing My Bongo Burgers: A Day on the Farm Part 1

This series of posts describes my recent trip to Bobolink Dairy Farm.  I decided to break it into chunks because I apparently have a lot to say about it.  Today’s entry is sort of an introduction and background.

For Valentine’s Day this year, Lady Aravan got me the coolest present ever: a trip to a farm to take a cheesemaking class.

Now, to a lot of people, that might sound like hell on earth, or at least dull and pointless.  I mean, Wal-Mart has all the cheese you’ll ever need, right?  Perfectly yellow, helpfully shrink-wrapped, every single one of each variety tasting exactly the same as all the others.  Such perfect uniformity is yummy! Read the rest of this entry

Being Sick

You heard it here first: getting sick royally blows.

No, no, bear with me.  All that excitement you feel at the idea of a sore throat, hacking cough, a nose that goes from plugged tighter than the vacuum seal on the goddamn International Space Station to a sudden pouring rush like the freaking Niagara?  See, it actually isn’t all fun and games and getting off of work and sleeping like a cold remedy commercial.  It actually really really sucks.  It’s nothing like you see on TV.

Totally blows. Read the rest of this entry


After hearing multiple admonishments to help “put Christ back into Christmas”, I’ve decided that I would do my part.  From now on, I will be referring to the holiday that I celebrate every December as Xmas.  It has nothing to do with mangers or nativities or loose women claiming they got knocked up even though they were virgins, I swear, Joseph, really.  It has to do with the pure essence of the season, the thing that puts a warm glow in the heart and the bright glimmer of joy in the eye. 

I am, of course, talking about toys.

Read the rest of this entry

A Month After Hitting My Weight Goal

It’s been about a month since I hit my weight goal.  I say “about” because I can’t remember exactly when I did and am WAY too lazy to actually do, you know, research.  I’ll call it a month, since it’s a great way to shorthand it.  I think it’s close.  Well anyway, it’s been a month since I hit my goal weight.  I wondered what would happen when I did.  Would things change?  Would I go back to old habits?

Turns out, no, everything seems to be the same.  That’s it!  Thanks for reading. Read the rest of this entry

As Sam Said, Well, I’m Back

NaNoWriMo is over.  I lost.

It was a struggle, even at first.  I didn’t want it to interfere with my life too much, which is laughable in a way – I want to write 50,000 words in 30 days, but I don’t want to spend the time doing it.  Mostly, I didn’t want to interrupt my home life, which I enjoy far too much to spend solitarily plunking away on a laptop.  Plus, my laptop doesn’t actually have Office installed, which meant using a bunch of workarounds and additional pain-in-the-ass measures that made it more difficult than it needed to be.  Excuses?  You bet.  I’m chock full of ’em. Read the rest of this entry

Alton Brown, My Spiritual Father

Before Lady Aravan and I decided to get healthy, I was an Alton Brown fan.  For a long time, though, I wasn’t.  I didn’t get his show at all.  I was used to recipe-style cooking shows like the Rachel Ray show (more on her later) or travelogue-style shows like No Reservations.  Good Eats was very different, with its long explanations and quirky humor.  Finally, though, the show clicked for me and I started to get it.  Alton doesn’t try to teach you a recipe (which would feed you for a meal), but rather he tries to teach you how to cook (which will feed you for a lifetime).  Some friends bought me the first Good Eats compendium, and that took it all even further. Read the rest of this entry

“So, Are You Going To Stop Dieting, Now?”

I hit my goal weight this weekend – actually, I dropped three pounds below it.  I’m now 172, a weight I haven’t been in probably 14 years.  My pants are 32s and loose, and I might be able to get back into 30s, which I haven’t been able to do since I got married.  I’m stronger, healthier, and fitter than I have ever been in my entire life.  I feel great.  Now, I’m being asked a seemingly innocuous pair of questions fairly often: What Now, and When Do You Get Off Your Diet? Read the rest of this entry

Current Events

Since it’s been a little while since I’ve done a blog, I figured I’d go ahead and fill you in on the EXCITING and TUMULTUOUS EVENTS (or lack thereof) that have taken place.

Football: The Redskins won yet another ridiculously close game.  Out of 5 games, 4 of them have come down to the final play.  Only when they got hammered by the Rams, who lost 44-6 or something this week to the previously 0-4 Lions, was the outcome of the game not in doubt on the final snap.  Heart attack central, this team.  But since they are 3-1 in those nail-biters, I’ll take it for now. Read the rest of this entry

Day 3

Whenever I start working out after any time off, whether it’s a week or 5 years, the third day of the program is the one I dread most.  It’s the worst day, hands down. 

Day 1 is rough.  Part of you wants to do it, part of you wants it to start tomorrow, which is why Day 1 can sometimes take weeks or years to actually end.  Ahh, you seductive minx, Tomorrow, how you promise everything will be much better then, how easy it’ll all be.  Once you get past that, though, it generally isn’t too bad.  Sure, you might struggle through the workout, things that you did so easily before might leave you panting and grunting, but when it’s over, it’s over.  You feel good. Read the rest of this entry

So, A Week Off Kind’ve Happened…

It certainly wasn’t intentional.  I took last Tuesday and Wednesday off from work, since I’d agreed to cater a 40-person dinner on Wednesday night, and figured that it would be a good idea to give myself actual time to do it.  The best part was that Lady Aravan volunteered to do the desserts and took those days off as well.  Tuesday, we got up, did Bob’s cardio exercise, felt great, and went clothes shopping.  Had a great time, got home, started prepping some food and throwing stuff into slow cookers.  So far so good, day off and still worked out! Read the rest of this entry