A Month After Hitting My Weight Goal

It’s been about a month since I hit my weight goal.  I say “about” because I can’t remember exactly when I did and am WAY too lazy to actually do, you know, research.  I’ll call it a month, since it’s a great way to shorthand it.  I think it’s close.  Well anyway, it’s been a month since I hit my goal weight.  I wondered what would happen when I did.  Would things change?  Would I go back to old habits?

Turns out, no, everything seems to be the same.  That’s it!  Thanks for reading.

Fine, I’ll elaborate.  When I started the weight loss trip with Lady Aravan, we decided against a short-term diet approach, for the simple reason that dieting to lose weight then going back to old habits is a guaranteed way to have short-term results.  We didn’t want that.  So we changed our diet entirely.  Healthy foods, organic when possible, cooking our own meals, tracking our intake – that was our food approach.  It worked.  In 6 months, we both lost over 40 pounds and hit our goals – and then dropped some more.  I weighed 169 last week.  Surreal.

I then decided I was going to try a week without tracking food, just trying to eat what I thought was about right.  I hated it.  I hated not knowing where I was nutritionally.  I also think that I was constantly under my calorie range.  So, I went back to tracking it and felt better  Tracking my food intake is now the habit, and that’s a good thing.  Plus, the food that we are eating is actually better-tasting to me than all the crap I used to eat.  I LOVE the food I eat now.  I’d forgotten that fruit was actually good.  And I can eat all the cereal I want!

Exercise on the other hand – haven’t been doing that.  Ever since the time change and the dark-as-shit mornings, I’ve struggled waking up to work out before work, haven’t felt like lifting at lunch, and don’t want to do it when I get home.  It isn’t affecting my weight, but it is affecting my health, and I don’t like it.  Therefore, I hereby commit to you, My Blog Reader, that I will lift weights at lunch today.  If I don’t, then tomorrow I will abase myself before and proclaim my status as Lowly Worm Unworthy of Esteem. 

Still eating healthy, though!  Today’s lunch is a can of sardines, goat cheese, and a pita!  Don’t knock it – sardines are actually really good (thanks, Alton).  Just make sure to get the ones packed in olive oil; the ones packed in water just aren’t as good.  You’ll be surprised how like tuna it tastes, only better.  But, as Lady Aravan says all the time, nothing tastes better than thin.

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Former cancer caregiver. Husband of the most magical and amazing person who ever lived.

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  1. I can relate. I have started back up on the Inside Out Method (Cardio) after a brief break, going on 4 days straight now, hopefully I can get back into a routine where I can switch daily between the two workouts. For now, I need to sweat and feel the burn and all that shit. I do have a new Wii game coming for Christmas that looks like a lot of fun, you might also enjoy it. EA Active Sports NFL Training Camp:


    Wish I could eat healthy organic foods. They are way over priced in my area and my two little kids would rebel against me big time. Tough enough to rationalize eating healthy with a Kindergartener and First Grader, but if I brought bean sprouts and sardines into the mix it could get ugly.

    I hate the dark dreary mornings as much as everybody else. But I have to do the workouts. It makes me feel better for some reason. I guess we all put ourselves into a pool of sweat for one reason or another. 🙂

    So, did you workout?

  2. Sigh. I did not. Not entirely my fault though. I made my Vow without checking the calendar. The first Monday of every month is a corporate staff meeting/lunch which punctures any ability to work out at lunch. Today though. Swear.

    I saw that game when I was looking at XBox Kinect stuff (I hope to get one sometime soon). I was really curious about it. You’ll have to let me know how it is. I love competition and anything that gives me points and achievements for exercises is right up my alley, heh.

    And kids today don’t like their sardines? Heh. I wouldn’t have touched one in a million years if Alton hadn’t tried to convince me to try it. Turns out he was right.

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