Bob Harper’s Workout Plan, Day 12

Three days left for the Inside Out Method workout plan.  Today is an odd day for us, since normally Saturday is a day where we do longer workouts.  All that was scheduled for today, however, was the 20 minute Butt and Balance workout from Bob’s cardio video Pure Burn.  20 minutes?  That’s it?  I mean, yes, my entire body is sore, but 20 minutes of exercise in a day just seems, I don’t know, decadent or something.

Well, orders are orders.  I hadn’t done this exercise since August 7th, and honestly I’d forgotten much of it.  Well, I was quickly reminded of it.  It’s a lot of work standing on one foot, then the other.  Bicep curls standing on one foot, followed by kicks, then kicks to the front, side, and back, all on the same leg.  Squats are about the only time you end up with both feet on the ground, and during the 20 minutes I was seriously sweating.  It was hard, it was really really seriously hard.  My foot was aching while I had all my weight on it for 5 minutes, then shifting to the other provided only temporary relief until that foot was in agony.

It was over, nice cooldown, I find that I’m even more flexible.  Woot!  All done with exercise for the day!

Except, of course, neither one of us can just do 20 minutes.

So we throw in the Yoga DVD and do the Yoga Abs, 15 minutes of sheer utter torture that you kind of forget about once it’s over but suddenly recall when your abdominals suddenly tighten like a rubberband stretched to its rending point and you have no doubt that at any second every single one of your stomach muscle fibers are going to simultaneously rip, explode, and ignite in a orange ball of utter and complete muscular destruction.  Yeah, we did that exercise.  It was definitely more painful than I remembered, but we made it and felt like we’d punished ourselves enough for one day.

Oh, and one other thing: Yesterday’s pound gain still galled me, so today I did the bad bad thing of weighing myself hoping for a different result even though I should be waiting a week.  Wouldn’t you know it, today I was 180.  Somehow I dropped 2 pounds in 24 hours.  I knew it lied yesterday!  I knew it!  Stupid scale.

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  1. You know the funny thing about weighing yourself when you are working out alot is…it is not accurate. My guess is you gained some muscle mass. Anyway, be thankful you weren’t weighing yourself on the dreaded Wii Fit device or you would be scolded for your gain and asked if Guest C is still alive…..

    Anyway, I am impressed with you and Lady Aravan. You guys are doing awesome! 19 days into my workout and my shoulders are still killing me at times. Never should have switched to the heavier weights. Keep up the good work!

    • Ha! I’ve heard that the Wii Fit thing does that – a friend of mine was talking about the last pound he needed to make his avatar no longer the biggest one. I get all the hassle I can stand from myself, heh.

      Thanks again for the kind words – we are really pushing it, but it feels good and gets easier each time. And I don’t know why it is my shoulders that are always in agony. It’s like no matter how much I work out, my shoulders never seem to keep up.

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