Bob Harper’s Workout Plan, Day 13

Two days left in what has been a difficult, challenging, but tremendously enjoyable workout program.  Today is Yoga for the Warrior, while tomorrow holds the dreaded Strength portion of Bob’s Workout.  But as Bob says in the yoga video, focus on the now and don’t worry about what’s coming up.

Before we do the yoga, we do some chores, moving boxes into the new shelves in the garage.  It’s a nice day, in the 80s, so we have the windows open.  We break a sweat doing the various chores, so when we get down to the basement for yoga, we’re already warm.  Pretty much from the first minute on, Lady Aravan and I are both sweating so much that it’s going into our eyes, our mouth, sometimes even getting inhaled.  When we go into down-dog, it runs back uphill, and having sweat running up your spine is a different sensation.  It patters like little raindrops on the mat under my head.  Maybe turning on the fan beforehand would have been a good idea.

We are kicking butt, though.  In just two weeks, we are much more flexible than before, and I’m much more flexible than I’ve ever been.  At one point, I am standing on one foot with my other leg through my linked arms and extended – hard to explain, really, other than I am twisted like a pretzel – and I’m suitably impressed.  In Tree Pose, one foot resting against the other thigh as we balance, each one of us stays upright without fidgeting – another first.  I’m proud of us.  Half-Moon defeats me as always, but Lady Aravan is up for it.

In what seems like a very short time, it’s over.  It’s still a difficult and challenging workout, but as we gain flexibility we can do more, which is a great feeling.  Relaxed and refreshed, it’s time for lunch.  Another step closer to my own apparent journey to becoming a granola-crunching yoga zen dude.

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Former cancer caregiver. Husband of the most magical and amazing person who ever lived.

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