Five Things for Monday, Feb 15

1.  Valentine’s Day weekend was a lot of fun.  Friday night Lady Aravan and I relaxed with a Dominick’s stromboli and calzone, Saturday we went to a Chinese New Year’s party, and Sunday we had company for dinner.  As much as I looked forward to relaxing all weekend, every activity was a lot of fun and I enjoyed myself immensely.

2.  I did eat wayyyy too much lasagna last night, though.  The size of my initial portion was laughably huge, and it was so good that I got more, along with more salad and more bread.  I actually kept myself awake just from feeling so bloated and fat.

3.  The novel editing process continues.  I’ve finished two additional scenes, and now have a few more loose ends and zombie action to fill out and I can call it done.  After that, it’s time to publish!

4.  Sometimes, when I hear about the travails of my friends, especially those who are endlessly short of money, I feel ashamed of the level of financial success I’ve earned.  I’m not rich, but prudent spending and good choices by Lady Aravan and I have left us pretty comfortable.  I know in many cases the financial difficulties are the result of poor choices, but when bad luck intervenes it makes me wish I could do something.  Not like hand them money or anything, but if I had a company or something and a lot of disposable income I’d love to give them good jobs with a good wage.

5.  Saturday night I flexed my nerd muscles in a huge way.  Computer gaming, comic books, zombies, tabletop gaming, LARPing – I was a Nerdery expert, much to Lady Aravan’s chagrin.

About Alan Edwards

Former cancer caregiver. Husband of the most magical and amazing person who ever lived.

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