Five Things for Friday, Feb 12th

1.  I am in the mood for some good horror-based tabletop roleplaying.  Lady Aravan’s VtDA game would be so much fun right now, with the dark nights and the cold wind blowing.  I’d even run one, if I had the time or inclination to design one.  I’ve been reading a Ravenloft source book, and even though I don’t really like D&D as a system and mood-setter, it does make me crave a good dark gaming session.  Someday soon I’ll get started on my campaign, as soon as I finish editing the damn novel.

2.  Being out of the office for 2 days due to snow then coming in for a Friday makes for a surreal it’s-not-Monday-but-sure-feels-like-one experience.

3.  I am struggling very much to come up with 5 things today.

4.  The 5 best snack cakes, in no particular order: Raspberry Zingers, Kandy Cakes (chocolate and peanut butter), Ho Hos, Little Debbie brownies, and Moon Pies.

5.  Now I’m all hungry.

About Alan Edwards

Former cancer caregiver. Husband of the most magical and amazing person who ever lived.

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