Well, At Least They Found Sophia: Walking Dead S2 Ep 7

OK. I have to admit, I was a bit surprised by the turn of events from the mid-season finale (and when the hell did this trend start? I don’t remember shows doing this before. Is it just me, or did this crap just start happening a couple years ago? Or am I just dumb?). I fully expected more talky-talky and then Shane doing something reprehensible and getting his macho mug blown off. What we got instead was definitely more interesting.

It’s funny, because the last half of the show made me forget about the first half. I’m trying to remember what went on then. Much of it was pointless, of course, but that’s to be expected by now. Let’s see. Dale makes Glenn tell the group about the barn, because that’s how Dale operates. Instead of helping the kid out so that he can try to keep Maggie from melting down, Dale keeps his role as Group Cockblocker by not claiming he found out about the barn. Maggie, using her Female Telepathy that all women have, knows exactly what is going on from 150 yards away and gets pissed. Everyone in Glenn’s group gets all pissed off at the idea of zombies in the barn. In general, this episode is about being pissed off.

Glenn tries to talk to Maggie, who is furious at constantly having her trust betrayed. Glenn wants her to talk to him, so Maggie decides that now is the time to punish him for betraying her by stabbing a hunting knife into his scrotum and deep into his gut. Oh, wait, scratch that, she puts an egg in his hat and breaks it over his head. Later on, during recess, she’ll punch him and he’ll call her names and then they’ll pass more notes before it’s cookie and naptime. For a pair of twenty-somethings, they are about as immature as it gets. Although, now that I think about it, living in a college town has taught me that 20-22 year olds tend to be that immature as well, so nevermind.

Everyone goes to the barn, because when you learn there is a building filled with zombies, standard survivor protocol calls for a group of people to get close to it, press their faces against the cracks, and have a loud shouting match to help rile the deaders up. Zombies get hungry and try to batter the door down, people yell, and we get to see Shane’s weird shoulder-dip sideways lope again. He cracks me up. Shane is essentially pissed off through the entire episode. He and Rick yell at each other about leaving and one of them being a giant gash, when Rick tells Shane that Lori’s pregnant. This is going to end well.

Shane talks to Lori, thinks it’s his baby, blah blah. She says that even if it is Shane’s, it’s Rick’s, and that’s that. I’m sure a mentally unbalanced and possibly roided up dude with a serious Survivor’s Mentality is going to handle that well. Shane makes the perfectly rational argument that Rick’s actions have gotten people killed. Lori gets mad, Shane leaves and runs into Carl. I expected him to act all weird to the kid or punch him in the face, but instead he talks to Carl like a parent, telling him to watch his language and mind his Momma. Seriously, the only one in the group that has demonstrated any level of parenting skill has been Shane. Lori sees Shane with her kid and gets freaky, calling him over. Again, Shane acts like a parent and not weird at all. Damnit, Shane, I just can’t quit you.

Rick confronts Herschel. Herschel says Go, Rick says No, my wife is pregnant, Herschel doesn’t give a fuck, Rick leaves, Herschel and Maggie talk, nothing much happens.

Dale decides that Shane being upset about a dozen or more zombies are near the camp they sleep every night is grounds for him to take the groups guns and go hide in the woods. OK. Not sure how long he planned to be out there. He didn’t bring food or anything. He’s just standing in the woods with a bag of guns. Dale is pretty fucking weird. Shane finds him, because Fuckin’ Daryl is rubbing off on him. Dale makes a crack about Shane never using those tracking skills to try to find Sophie. Of course, that old fuck hasn’t once taken his skinny Hawaiian-shirt-wearing-ass out in the woods one goddamn time to try to find the kid, but he’s going to make cracks about Shane not being able to find the kid. God I hate Dale. Plus, for some reason Dale is able to figure out exactly what happened to Otis simply because Shane doesn’t want to talk about it, which is really fucking stupid. Anyway, Dale says he’ll shoot Shane to keep him away from his own guns, Shane just walks up until the barrel is resting against his chest, and essentially says, “Go ahead, you useless fuck.” I kept waiting for him to grab the barrel or something, but he doesn’t. He makes Dale wuss out, which was pretty badass. Dale even hands Shane the bag of guns. Nice stand, asshole. Way to hold your ground.

Meanwhile, Daryl and Stubblepate begin their awkward courtship. She says something nice, he calls her a bitch, then they go looking for Sophie. Everyone else is supposed to as well, but Rick gets asked by Herschel to go Do Something. So only Daryl and Sophie’s mom go looking, which pisses Fuckin’ Daryl off to no end. Wait until he gets a load of exactly why Rick blew it off.

So Rick goes with Herschel with a couple of Herdin’ Poles and the 17-year-old Nameless Kid to the ole’ Mud Pond where a couple of zombies are stuck in the mud. Herschel tries to impart some life lesson about zombies being people too and who the zombies used to be and something or other, Hey, Let’s Take ‘Em Back to the Barn. Rick spends the scene basically looking out of his depth, which is now the Standard Rick Face. They herd the zombies along and back to the farm.

In a perfect coincidence, they arrive back just as Shane comes back with the guns and Fuckin’ Daryl gets back from his search. Everyone’s arguing when they see Rick coming along with his Zombie On a Rope. Everyone freaks the fuck out. There’s yelling, there’s accusations, there’s people trying to say calm down, when Shane decides he’s fucking had it. He tries to demonstrate to Herschel that these aren’t people by shooting the shit out of the zombie and indicating that people would fall down by now. Then BAM headshot. Herschel looks grief-stricken, Rick is all upset but since he’s playing shepherd there isn’t much he can do. Shane starts breaking open the barn door and passing out guns. I fully expected someone to try to stop him. Instead, Fuckin’ Daryl is like Hell Yeah, Andrea wants some revenge for her sister, Glenn looks unsure but takes the gun, T-Dog is there but isn’t allowed to speak, and the zombies start to exit the barn. The shootin’ gallery ensues. Shane, Daryl, Andrea, and T-Dog blaze away, Glenn waits for permission from Maggie in a move that I actually thought was kinda cool, and when she gives it he gets to play too.

The Zombie Massacre ensues. Good times. Dale comes back, looking all upset and sad that a bunch of cannibalistic corpses have been put out of their misery, because he’s a fuckwad of the first order. Herschel is on his knees upset, Shane and Rick are yelling, when they hear another zombie coming out. Everyone turns, and there’s Sophia. I didn’t expect it, but her ass is a zombie. Everyone just watches her shuffle out of the barn. Her mom freaks out, Fuckin’ Daryl holds on to her, and Rick finally steps up and puts the girl down. End of show.

OK. Now, if I’m the survivor group, I am going to be pissed as fuck. The old guy had to know the girl they were looking for was in the barn. So did Nameless Boy, since he obviously helps herd the things up and was part of the search party, so he had to know what the girl looked like and was wearing and that they had an unknown zombie in the barn for a day or so before a group looking for a girl about that age showed up. So at the very least, Herschel has known that girl was in the barn and let them go out every day looking for her, getting Fuckin’ Daryl stabbed and nearly eaten and putting everyone else at risk for the same treatment. At this point, if I was there, I’m taking over this fucking farm and kicking Herschel the fuck out, if not shooting his ass down right there. I’d be PISSED. It’ll be interesting to see where the battle lines get drawn. I think Rick, Lori, Glenn (The Power of the V), and Dale side with the lying fuck who keeps zombies as pets, while Shane and Daryl lead the coalition of What the Fuck Is Wrong With You People. And somehow will be the bad guys for it. Maybe not, though. Maybe they’ll keep the situation grey, since no one has proven themselves to be the hero, in all honesty. We’ll see. All I know is, Herschel creeps me the fuck out. I’d want him dead quick, because he looks like he’s capable of any damn thing.

I have to admit, I’m intrigued to see where they go. I know enough of the comics to know that by this point, Shane is dead and Sophia doesn’t become a zombie, so I’m actually pleasantly surprised that they’ve changed that. I imagine if I was a fan of the books, I’d be pissed, but I’m not so I’m not. So well done on that one, AMC.

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  1. I must admit I was really interested by the end. I’m looking forward to it being back after the break.

    I’m even starting to like Stubbleplate since she seems to be the only one that sees Fuckin’ Daryl’s true value. You go girl, GET SOME! I’m sure he’ll handle that business too. Don’t let the necklace of ears freak you out, we can work on his fashion sense!

    In an odd twist of events I dreamed of sugar plum fairies and gifts under the tree since AMC had the balls to kill off a kid. Thank you AMC, one less child is a plus for me — so thank you for improving the show.

    • HAHAHAHA! I love the fact that you make me kid-hatred seem tame by comparison. =)

      I think they make a great couple. They’re practically made for each other.

  2. Yeah, I feel like we have three trends going on in entertainment.

    1) Stupid mid-season breaks, which I think only exist to limit financial exposure to 11 episodes at a time, instead of 22.

    2) Movie having to stick to the book plots as close to possible, lest they suffer fan-wrath.

    3) Television shows being really, really up front that they’re going to change the book plots. It must’ve been 1/3 into Vampire Diaries when they realized the book series they had bought was crap, but had all the components to actually be really interesting.

    • All excellent points. I wonder if the mid-season breaks allow them to just show reruns for two months before going back to the show, which saves them from having to have something else to run during that time slot.

  3. The Sophia clip was actually the first I have seen of this show, I do Tivo it, just haven’t checked it out yet. I thought it was decent. That shooting scene at the zombie barn seemed to go on forever, but maybe that is how the show is. Why does that old man have black beady eyes? He looks evil. So do I have to start at Season One or is this one you can jump right in and enjoy?

    • Wow, that’s a great question. Hmmm. I don’t think it’s necessary to watch the first season. You won’t know how everyone got together, but it’s not very important, honestly. I think you’d be able to watch this one and not really miss anything. Some details like which character’s sister got eaten last season or whose husband got offed might not be clear at first when they referenced, but I think you can get by without it.

      As to enjoying it…well, it was an up-and-down season for me. Actually, mostly down, with an uptick at the end.

      The old man is evil. I believe that wholeheartedly, even if it ain’t true. The shooting scene was long, I agree, but those scenes are rare. They do try to milk the zombie-killin’ scenes for all they’re worth, though.

  4. I think Shane and Fuckin’ Daryl need to take Hershel out, and assume ownership of the farm wholesale. It’s a defensable space, and they’re the only two with enough sense to make the necessary calls to run things.

    Oh, and can someone shoot Dale or feed him to zombies? For someone so high and mighty, he just threatened to kill off Shane and remove their weapons ‘for the good of the group’. He’s totally insane, and totally annoying.

    I’m not sad or surprised Sophia’s turned. 1) she was gone too long on her own, 2) she should have been taught better/known not to run off on her own. Bad survial instincts. The next generation, in this new walker world, needs different stuff. Shane and Fuckin’ Daryl stuff.

    • I think you’re totally right, and in a realistic real-world scenario, that’s exactly what happens. Shane and Fuckin’ Daryl run the ship, and people live.

      I seriously don’t get Dale either. Taking the group’s guns into the woods on his own – what if he gets eaten? Hasn’t he just fucked everyone over completely? I have no idea what we’re supposed to think about him. From his fake breakdowns to taking people’s stuff to prying into people’s relationships – he probably causes more stress than anyone I’ve seen. I hope they tie him in a sack.

      You’re right – while I was surprised when she came out of the barn, she did earn it. I guess I was more surprised that the old man had her in there and didn’t tell anyone. But yeah, there’s a big ole’ life lesson for Carl there. Run off and act a fool, and your Daddy will have to shoot you in the face. Well, Shane will. Because he knows what has to be done.

  5. OK, Herschel (the actor anyway) was the ‘father’ of a band of cannibals in the Judge Dredd movie. even creepier in that one.

  6. I have to agree with everything you said, ‘cept the part where Herschel knew that Sophia was in the barn. Herschel tells Rick “Otis used to do this”, and Otis died before he ever knew the group was looking for Sophia. So it’s entirely possible that Herschel never knew she was in there. And 17 Year Old Blank Boy seems to be pretty useless, so he might not have put the facts together.

    Anyhow, that one sentence made the whole thing plausible.

    The biggest thing that bothered me about the otherwise awesome episode was Dale knowing that Shane killed Otis. That was too big of a stretch for me.

    You should keep reading the comic. I don’t really like it, but I can’t stop reading it, so I guess that counts for something.

    • You do make a good point about Otis. I just felt like Herschel was the kind of guy that kept tabs on what was happening and who they found, and therefore assumed he would know. But you are right, it is entirely possible that he didn’t know. The Dale thing about Shane was by far the biggest stretch, I have to agree.

      I will have to make an effort on the comic, I think. Of course, “I don’t really like it, but I can’t stop reading it” is a pretty accurate description of how I feel about the show, heh.

      Thanks for your comment!

  7. Your review was absolutely terrible. And you should kill yourself. Good job.

  8. I agree your review bites the dust. If we were on the show I would have taken you out asap. Plus you like the 2 most vile characters in the first seasons. Your the type of guy who would stab everyone in the back to live. No wonder you like shane.

  9. When glenn went to the barn with a flash light why didnt he see sophia. Im pretty sure it was ottis who rounded up sophia and brought her walker body back to the barn before he shot carl and then died on the medical supply trip both him and shane went on.

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