NFL Week 7: Rookie QBs and the Redskins

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In Week 7, The Redskins got to face the Carolina Panthers and their rookie quarterback Cam Newton. The Panthers came in with a woeful defense, injuries on their offensive line, and a 1-5 record. The Redskins came in with a banged-up o-line of their own, a quarterback who’s 30 years old and has fewer career starts than the rookie on the other team, and a good defense. Logic dictated that the Redskins could run the ball, their defense could stymie the Panthers, and if they could just get decent production and a lack of turnovers from their quarterback, they could win the game.

One problem.
The Redskins really like to lose to rookie quarterbacks. Maybe they don’t like it, per se, but they sure do a great job of convincing us otherwise on the field. Coming into this game, the Skins had lost 6 games in a row to rookies. Six in a row. This includes “franchise QBs” Matt Stafford and Sam Bradford, who both got their first wins as a pro against the Skins, as well as backups and washouts like Trent Edwards and Vince Young. Trent fucking Edwards. Jesus.
So, I knew going in that Cam Newton was going to give the Redskins fits. And he did. And of course the Skins lost, despite a not-awful game by Beck. Instead, the defense let the team down. That’s Redskins football. When one side is playing decently, the other side will let them down at the worst possible moment. Of course, when in the course of the game your starting running back (Tim Hightower) and best receiver (Santana Moss) get injured, it makes the day harder. But, again, the offense didn’t lose this game. That’s on the defense.
So, they’re 3-3, and on pace to go 8-8, which is fine. Not uplifting, of course, but fine. Well, it’s uplifting in the sense that last year and the year before were a shit-ton worse. This week they play the Bills, who have been playing better this year but have become more Bills-ish of late once again. Will the Redskins win? Maybe. Flip a coin, as usual. They certainly can, but it doesn’t mean they will. I’m bizarrely halfway inclined to think the Skins win this one. Boundless optimism.
Oh, and Chris Cooley is now on IR for the rest of the year. Great. At least Fast Freddy Davis can play. I hope it isn’t the last time Cooley is in a Redskins uniform.
Around the league:
  • The Giants win and extend their first-place lead. Yippee. At this point, though, I’d rather they win the division over the Eagles and Cowboys.
  • People talk about the horrible state of Redskins quarterbacking, but at least they didn’t send offensive football back to the days before the forward pass was legal like the Browns, Seahawks, Ravens, and Jaguars did this week. Jesus. Scores of 6-3 and 12-7 are fine in a howling December windstorm. Not so much in October.
  •  Seeing a score of 6-3 reminds me of the worst professional football game I ever watched: Jets-Redskins in the area of 1992 or 1993. Also ended 6-3. At one point, the Redskins tried a field goal, and the snap went directly into the side of the holder’s head. And that was one of the better executed plays in that game.
  • The Saints beatdown of the Colts was just kind’ve depressing. That team has given up. Lincoln Kennedy, former offensive lineman turned analyst, said yesterday that Jim Caldwell’s stoic demeanor can actually hurt a team. He said that showing no emotion just makes it look like you don’t give a shit, and the players in turn start not giving a shit. When Peyton was in, he gave a shit so much the players fed off it. No one wants to play for Caldwell.
  • Or Sparano of the Dolphins. I hear he’s a great guy. Shitty coach though.
  • The whole Tebow thing. As a former student at UF, I have some affection for the guy because I still root for the Gators. I want him to succeed just because it’ll piss off all those analysts that spooge themselves talking about footwork and passing mechanics and all that shit. I hope he plays awful for 55 minutes every game and still wins them all. Then everybody gets what they want, apologists and critics both.
  • He’s not going to do well in this league, but it’s not like he’s got good players around him, either. I don’t think Tom Brady could make the Broncos better than 7-9. If that.
  • The Cowboys and Eagles play each other this week. It’s actually difficult for me to figure out who to root for. I’ll root for both teams to have extremely busy medical staffs.
  • I still don’t understand why the NFL doesn’t structure bye weeks so that teams on a bye play each other the next week. No advantage, no disadvantage. Maybe it makes too much sense to do it that way.
  • The NFL plays games in London and Toronto. I do not understand why. “Global marketing”? Uh, I think these countries have TVs. I’m sure they can see our games. If they wanted to see the Bucs suck ass in person, then surely they’d be content to watch other teams suck ass on TV.
  • Donovan McNabb just used his last lifeline. No one in the league is going to want someone when the last 3 teams he’s played for say he doesn’t put the work in to be successful. Christian Ponder came in and looked just fine, almost upsetting the Packers. Buh-bye, McNabb. I liked you back when.

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