I Am A Guest In Someone Else’s Bloghome

First off: Steven Montano wrote an excellent book called Blood Skies which I highly recommend, and as soon as I have 2 usable neurons to rub together I’ll be writing up a review for it here. It’s apocalyptic fantasy with face-shredding vampires and magic. You can get it dirt cheap right now. So buy it, hard copy or for your e-reader. You won’t be disappointed.

For some godawful reason, though, Steven asked me to do a guest post for his site here. I tried to be good. I shot for charming, urbane, and witty. I ended up long-winded and foul-mouthed. I guess he knew what he was getting into, though, so while I ate all the canapes and drank the last of the milk, I’m kinda not really to blame. I hope.

So go here. Read the post if you want. Buy his book. Hug a panda.


About Alan Edwards

Former cancer caregiver. Husband of the most magical and amazing person who ever lived.

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  1. Thanks for the guest post today, Alan. It was all that I’d hoped for and a whole lot more! (Like at least 1200 words more…JK.)

    You The Man!!!! =D

  2. I have that book somewhere in the dark recesses of my Nook! I also have yours, but I have so much in line ahead of them that I haven’t gotten to read quite a few of the things I’ve bought lately. You’d think I’d stop buying things or downloading stuff until I catch up but that would be too smart for me.

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