Guest Post: The Power of Personality by Evelyn Lafont

Today I have something unprecedented here at my little ole site – a guest post! Evelyn Lafont, aka Keyboard Hussy, is a writer, yes, but she’s funny, caustic, blunt, imaginative, and a ton of other things besides that. If you like the type of humor I attempt to purvey here, then I highly recommend you read her book, her blog, and her online mag. Links below her article. I’m going to get out of her way, because she’ll totally knife me in sternum if I don’t.

The Power of Personality

I like Alan. Know why? He has a pleasant personality. I’ve noticed that other people like him too. Know why? Yup. It’s that darned personality thing again. While Alan, and everyone else, might try to use their personalities to win friends and influence people, authors and writers have other uses for their personalities. Uses like:

Voice development: Writers need to have a voice in order to distinguish their work from the collective. Your voice is what makes your books interesting to readers and helps you become a fully realized author. In my opinion, a true voice is not like a mask we put on to fool people—it’s formed by carving a deep and expressive relationship with some aspect (or aspects) of your personality.

Marketing: While some disagree with me (and they sure are entitled to) I think that authors and their books are brands and that they need to market themselves as such. But what is the best way for an author to do that? Should they put on a girdle and corporate attire, wear pseudo intellectual eyeglass frames and talk with a general vicinity accent that sort of implies a disciplined upbringing in a more formal foreign country? Hells to the no. They should represent their brand in whatever way works best with their personality. Not only will this make marketing much easier and more natural, but it will create a consistent presence that’s easy to keep up with.

Creating synopses: I have spoken to or seen comments by so many writers recently who absolutely hate writing synopses for their books. I totally get it, condensing your 80,000 word baby into 150 perfect letter groupings (meh, I didn’t want to say words again…) is like trying to bring only one of your spouse’s body parts with you to the movies. Impossible, unfair, dangerous, and possibly a jailable offense. But if you just use your personality to guide you and slam a synopsis down on paper without second guessing yourself, you’ll probably come up with something pretty close to what works. Sure it might need some tweaks, but it will have an appeal that an especially contrived synopsis just won’t.

Writers can all name different items as their most important asset. Maybe they’ll say their imagination, maybe their hand (Awww come on! For typing or writing y’all! Jeez.), or maybe they’ll say it’s their brain. For me, I say your most important asset is your personality. As long as it’s a good personality. And if it’s not…well, we’re probably all too polite to tell you so…best of luck with that!

Evelyn Lafont is an author and freelance writer with an addiction to Xanax and a predilection for snark. Her debut novella, The Vampire Relationship Guide, Volume 1: Meeting and Mating is a comedy about dating, sexing, and living with vampires and is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords. She has also developed a monthly e-zine to accompany the series, which can be found at

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  1. It took me a while to figure out that I needed to stop surpressing my personality and let it out of its cage. My lack of one held me back for a long time. Now that it’s loose and hungry for fresh tofu, I’ve made a lot more friends and attracted a much bigger following than I think I would have otherwise.

    As always, thanks for your nuggets of wisdom, Keyboard Hussy! Spot on.

    I still hate (and totally suck at) synopses, and I’m not ashamed to say it. It’s the one place I can’t seem to inject my voice into. 😦

    • I’m with you on the synopses – I find it very difficult to capture my voice on a summary without devolving into pure absurdity.

      I was surprised to learn that putting the “corporate face” on was a bad idea, I have to admit. I figured if I acted the way I like to act, people wouldn’t take me seriously. Instead, no one paid any attention to me whatsoever, because I was dull as shit. I started reading your stuff BECAUSE of your personality, only to discover that you’re an excellent writer. Lesson learned!

    • I think sometimes, depending on the personality you have, it can be especially difficult to let your freak flag fly. Especially for people like you, Kendall, or me–because we have such strong and “inappropriate” personalities in a conventional setting.

      • Alan Edwards

        And what’s funny is, those strong and “inappropriate” personalities is what made me want to follow and read your stuff. Maybe it’s good to stand out from the crowd!

  2. In addition to having a winning personality, you can always write fantastic blog articles like Alan and Evelyn…that seems to help, too!

    Brilliant points, as always, Hussy. Hey Alan, you should invite her over more often! =D

    • I know, right? Amazing what having someone with a point, and that knows how to get to it without using eleventy-hundred extra words (like me!) can do!

      • LMAO–I was just going through Twitter and noticing people liking on Alan when I came up with the idea. And I have plenty of posts with eleventy-hundred words, most of them about Hobbit birthday celebrations.

  3. Ha! Great article via Keyboard Hussy, as per usual. I was expecting something lengthier, so I had to go back and read again to make sure I didn’t miss something, lol.

    Great feature, Alan. 🙂

    • I’m pleased as punch that she agreed to do it! My first guest blog was an excellent one, I have to say.

      And compared to my ramblings, something succinct is a nice breath of fresh air. =P

    • LOL–Yeah, I broke with tradition and kept it short 🙂 Thanks for the kind words!

  4. Great post! I love everything Hussy writes. Congrats, Alan!

  5. Thanks for having me Alan! You have a beautiful home here 🙂

    • Alan Edwards

      It’s absolutely been my pleasure. You are a most gracious guest – and a seriously talented writer. So that’s a win-win for me!

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