Happy Birthday, Blog

Mmmm moustache cake.

It was two years ago today that my first blog post went up. Lady Aravan read it. She’s a tremendous supporter that way. For several months I wrote, whatever random shit I could, just trying to train myself to get words on “paper” again, to an audience of one (then two, after a Peruvian farmer with bad English skills thought this was a gardening website). It had been so long since I’d written anything beyond a grocery list or vague jottings for a tabletop game that I wanted to see if I had what it took to write an actual story. I’d gotten an idea, see, and I wanted to see if I could make it work, if I could capture the thing that was in my brain.

That was two years ago. That idea has been published for just over a year now, for better or worse. My blog has soldiered on, sometimes neglected, other times ignored outright, but it’s been here, mostly unread (and much of it deserves that honor), but serving its purpose: keeping me in the habit of expressing myself through the magic of hunt-and-peck typing. In the last two or three weeks, my blog has seen an influx of people, some fellow writers, some friends, who have been kind and generous to me. The support you have all shown me here, from Lady Aravan on Day 1 to the latest person who foolishly clicks the link I post on Twitter or Facebook, means more than I can say. The problem with being a person known for sarcasm and jadedness (if it’s not a word, it is now) is the difficulty of communicating sincere and heartfelt emotion. But here it is: To the people that come here and read my words, Thank You. I love you all, because you help keep me sane, and keep that hope buried deep inside me that one day I could peck out stories and sell them for a living – that hope that keeps me in my dingy Matrix office every day, hoping towards tomorrow – you help keep that hope alive, and I am forever in your debt for it.

Later today I’ll put up a real post, something besides the blog-navel-gazing that I find tedious. But it’s a special occasion. So come on, blog, blow out the fucking candles already. You’re ruining my reputation.

About Alan Edwards

Former cancer caregiver. Husband of the most magical and amazing person who ever lived.

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  1. reconstructed

  2. Happy Birthday, Blog! =D

    I’ve greatly enjoyed [digitally] meeting you, Alan, and it’s been great fun chatting these past few weeks. Here’s to many more.

    (Now get back to work, you lazy ass. You think these Journal Entires post themselves?!) 😉

    • The pleasure has definitely been mine, good sir.

      It’s confusing when I get ordered to get back to work at times like this (looks around at piles of paperwork, shrugs and goes back to “work”) heh.

      • Me, too. I’ve been trying to get through with a SOX Project for over 2 months. Now that I’ve finished the bulk of it, apathy is setting back in so hard it’s hard I’ve almost slipped into a coma.

  3. Happy Birthday to Me and My Shovel! Glad I stumbled onto the site last year, you have been fun to follow, and are hands down my favorite blog. Hoping you have many more years of writing books and posting.
    That cake is just…Wow! I want one.

    • I’m really glad you found it and wanted to stick around. Thank you!

      And the cake is actually of me, done by a fan.


      Heh. Definitely no.

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