By Garsh, It’s a New Look

Why yes, yes it is.

I wanted something that allowed Pages to be visible, so I could display a link to my riveting life’s story and more importantly, a place to describe my work in a little more detail. I might go back and add some of the nice things people have said about them. Just as soon as someone says something nice about them. Har har.

I hope you don’t hate the new look. I loved the last look I had, but someone smarter than I recently suggested that having access to pages talking about me and my work was a really good idea. Like most men tend to do, I let the thought rattle around in my head for a week before I figured out that I should do something about it. But I did! See?!

Hate on it in the Comments, or just lurk like the weird voyeur I always pictured you to be.

About Alan Edwards

Former cancer caregiver. Husband of the most magical and amazing person who ever lived.

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  1. Ooooooooooooo. Shiny! =D

  2. By Garsh, I think you have a very nice new site design! Looks very professional.. is that what you were going for?

    • I…guess? I wanted clean and readable, with access to pages. I suppose that fits the criteria I was putting as “professional”… so yes! That’s what I was going for! Heh.

      I’m glad you like it!

  3. (oh oh oh I’ll be the negative guy)

    WTF!!! where is the blood? whats with the gray background… its like I am looking at a Nebraska department of corrections page! You arrogant americans and your webpages…. that is why you are just a 3rd internet world power.

    Hugs and Kisses

    Fasel Bin Clockwinder

  4. But seriously…it looks great. Say, who is the chick, she looks Hawt! ;o)

    • Thanks, Clockwinder. The chick is, of course, the rarely seen and elusive Lady Aravan. And she is indeed Hawt.

  5. I like it. The page color is bright and clean, a bit like the page I think you were envisioning when you asked a week or so ago for opinions. The layout is smooth and things are easy to find in regards to your books and other stuff the business/writer types will want to know. I think you did a great job. Plus, even with the new digs you are the same ole you. Haven’t gone all uppity, NYC on us yet. 😉

    • There you are, Steph DAHHHHLING! *kisses each cheek* Here, have a Chardonnay – that’s Beluga over there, dear, not any of that cheap GAH-bage floating around nowadays. I was just on my way to a Folk Festival in the Village, so QUAINT down there –
      Heh – I’m glad you like it! Now all of the dumb things I say will be presented in a crisp clean manner!

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