Five Things for Wednesday, Feb 17th

1.  My frazzled work-self is making it difficult for me to write.  I can barely think of five things to talk about without making one of them a ranty bitchy screed that no one cares about.  Of course, almost no one reads this anyway, so what’s the harm?  I guess I’d prefer to talk and think about other things.

2.  I think I will follow through with an earlier thought, and pretty much skip the upcoming football season.  I didn’t watch much this past offseason, but the arcane rules of the fantasy football league I have been in for the last several years meant that I had to do all of the league’s scoring and roster tracking, since the person who actually collects the money and profits from the league didn’t feel like doing anything.  So football became an endless series of drudgery for me, and when combined with the dismal Redskins’ season, I didn’t have a lot of fun.  So, next year, I won’t play fantasy football, and I probabloy won’t watch much of it either.  We’ll see if my enjoyment of my favorite sport will return.

3.  The Winter Olympics: Your Worldwide Leader in Meh.

4.  People are now blaming the Obama administration for the recession.  It started the year before he took office.  I know history is hard and all, but I think this is a bit too recent an event for people to honestly have no clue as to when it got started.

5.  As I said to Lady Aravan a few days ago, Republicans embracing Sarah Palin is as odd as Democrats embracing Randy of the Redwoods.  Do they know the rest of the country just looks at them with disbelief, scorn, and pity?  I guess they don’t care, because they are too OUTRAGED to notice.

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  1. Even Bill O’Reilly can see what is giving the Tea Party a bad name.,2933,586325,00.html

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