Five Things for Monday, December 21st

1.  We had a huge snowstorm over the weekend.  We got probably a foot and a half of snow on Saturday, which was beautiful to watch inside a nice warm house.  My wife and I had fun taking pictures of the girls playing in it, we shoveled the driveway and deck a couple of times with a broken snowshovel and a spade not designed for the job (but it did remarkably well at scraping ice and dealing with the plow-packed stuff at the end of the driveway).  I even ran and jumped a few times into our assembled Wall of Snow after we finished the driveway, laughing like a loon and making my wife laugh too.  I threw snowballs at trees and dogs, practiced my punting form on big snow chunks, and generally had a blast.  I really like this winter thing.

2.  Of course, now my back is amazingly sore from top to bottom.  Wouldn’t trade any of it, though.

3.  I really want to win the fantasy football championship this year, my last in this league.  If I make it in, which I should, I’d have to beat a guy I kind’ve like but kind’ve don’t.  I beat him three years ago to win it my first year in, and I’d love to do it again, especially since he’s one of those people who think they know so goddamn much about football and is a “genius” for picking obscure fourth-string receivers that end up doing nothing, but that everyone in the draft enthuses as a “great pick”.  So he’s a lot like me, I guess, except no-one says “great pick” when I do it.  THEY LAUGHED WHEN I DRAFTED JEROME HARRISON!  290 and 3 TDs!  Of course, he’s buried on my depth chart and will never start, BUT LOOK AT MY GENIUS!  Heh.

4.  The Grand Theft Auto game series is awesome because it allows me to drive the way I always wanted to drive.  Red light?  Fuck that, I can fit between the cars dumb enough to wait at the light.  Traffic?  Pfft, look at that perfectly good sidewalk with the handful of pedestrians on it.  MOVE IT, GRANDMA!  If you’d had that hip replacement surgery when you were sprier maybe you could’ve gotten out of the way.

5.  The Dream Machine should be here in a week.  I can’t wait.  My 33-inch waistband jeans are becoming mighty uncomfortable.

About Alan Edwards

Former cancer caregiver. Husband of the most magical and amazing person who ever lived.

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