Shovelcast #3: Mass Effect: Andromeda

That’s right! It’s podcast time. Since almost 5 years have passed since the last one, it seemed like a new one was due. This time, a former Shovelcast guest is back to review Mass Effect: Andromeda with me, the inimitable Allie Gebhart. Join two of the biggest Mass Effect fans in the Milky Way as we spend almost TWO AND A HALF HOURS half-drunkenly talking all things Mass Effect, occasionally breaking away from our lovefest over the original trilogy to discuss the new game. Honestly, we could have probably kept on going for 6 or 7 hours. Our takeaway: it’s a flawed game, but definitely worth playing, and we’re more than happy to tell you why.


We’re fans of the franchise, if that wasn’t immediately clear.

You can download it here, or use the player below.

I’ll post the regular drinking game rules for the Shovelcast below. There was very little drinking going on during the production of this episode, because we’d been in the pool drinking beer most of the day. Special thanks to my wonderful wife, aka Tinuviel, aka DJ Booty Grabbins, who produced this episode and also sat silently through the entire thing, which takes a measure of fortitude that I can not even imagine.

The Me and My Shovelcast Drinking Game

Take 1 drink when:

  • I say something stupid
  • I use the word “awesome”
  • I use a 25-cent word when a 10-cent word will do
  • I giggle mousily

Take 1 shot when:

  • Technical difficulties occur
  • I slur a word
  • I forget someone’s name

Please drink responsibly, and pace yourself.

Shovelcast Episode 3

Hosts: Alan Edwards and Allison Krasley Gebhart

Recording Location: Derenemyn

Producer: DJ Booty Grabbins



Getting ready for an away mission, as Tali looks on worriedly from her comfy chair. My eyebrow has no such concerns.


About Alan Edwards

Former cancer caregiver. Husband of the most magical and amazing person who ever lived.

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  1. Jennifer Miller

    Any game-breaking spoilers for Andromeda in here before I begin? I figure since you say it’s mostly ME1-3, I can listen freely. Also, that armor is friggin’ awesome!!

    • There are definitely spoilers in there, but I wouldn’t consider any of them game-breaking. I’m hesitant to assert that there aren’t any, though, because I don’t want you to get mad at me if I’m wrong. I bruise easily.
      There is definitely one part that will be spoiled, but it’s not particularly relevant to the plot. I think you’ll be safe, and if I’m wrong I’ll, I dunno, pay for your game or something. Or let you punch me in the arm real hard. Whatever it takes.

      • We do absolutely spoil all of the “loyalty” missions too, now that I think about it. It’s spoiled. IT’S ALL SPOILED.

        • Jennifer Miller

          lol Alright, I stopped at 45 min in. I’ll revisit this once I get and finish Andromeda… like… 5 years from now, probably. -_- *sigh*

  2. Jennifer Miller

    Well, I listened to it all (couldn’t help it), and I don’t think I heard anything I’ll retain… nothing that would actually mean anything to me unless I played the game. So you’re off the hook… for now.

    • Nah, you earned the free punch just for getting through the entire thing. That’s dedication, right there.

  3. Stephanie Miller

    Since I finally finished Andromeda, I’ve come back for a listen. I’ll provide comments I as I deem necessary. 45 mins in, your disdain for James Vega… lawl! I have to say, I found his character rather fun, just a platonic flirt that keeps you sane (and that’s all it should be seeing as how fem-Shep’s only shot at ‘romancing’ him is to rape him at the party… wow). ANYWAY, just found it interesting how so many guys can’t stand him, because I see him as the male-equivalent of needlessly over-sexualized female characters in video games. It’s okay to roll your eyes in disgust and annoyance and I’ll have my fun. Welcome to the club. Haha!

    • James Vega has and always will remind me of every dudebro I had to grow up around. I’m glad you can enjoy him as eyecandy, but I bet he smells like creatine and Axe body spray.

    • James Vega has and always will remind me of every dudebro I had to grow up around. I’m glad you can enjoy him as eyecandy, but I bet he smells like creatine and Axe body spray.

    • Stephanie Miller

      Almost 2 hours in now… speculating on who the “Benefactor” might be. I was thinking the Illusive Man as well, him or the Shadow Broker (pre-Liara?). Another fun conspiracy I was thinking about is concerning the Jardaan, the alien species that supposedly created the Angara and the Scourge… If I remember correctly, the Reapers spanned multiple galaxies and universes. Clearly, the Jardaan, having also created the Remnant and the terraforming vaults, were much more technologically advanced than the Milky Way galaxy. Could the Jardaan be the first species to escape a Reaper attack by using the Scourge as a weapon? It’s been a long time since I played ME1-3, but, the Reapers were created by the Leviathan? Could the Leviathan have been created by the Jardaan? The Reapers do have a laser-beam type weapon that looks similar to what the Observer Remnant do. That last bit is a stretch… WAY out there, and idk how I would feel about it being true; probably roll my eyes. But the Scourge being created by the Jardaan to fight the Reapers who maybe retreated to destroy the Milky Way ahead of schedule… that’d be fun; maybe even something the Shadow Broker and/or the Illusive Man may have been privy to? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Stephanie Miller

      Around 2 and a quarter hours in… The romance options in Andromeda: ehhhh. I ‘meh-ly’ romanced Liam. The emails are the best part; but apparently, kissing is the new sex… I’m like you, kinda weird not to “hang out” (or even kiss) before a potentially apocalyptic battle.

      One of the biggest disappointments for me was how siloed and almost ALWAYS inconsequential side quests were… I’m almost positive this was a management issue from lack of direction, a way for developers to create content without impacting the major plot. I just hated making a decision that seemed big and morally questionable in either direction, only to find online that it really doesn’t matter, and no NPCs comment on it, etc. Being a developer myself, I feel for them; you can feel the stifled passion behind the technical and directional issues…

      All that being said, the story is fine; there’s something there. If it were up to me, I’d say DO NOT retcon this all and pretend it never happened… Just make a continuation to address unanswered questions, but better. DA2 wasn’t great either, but DAI’s story was still able to build on DA2 and make something great.

      • I really wish they’d have stuck with the DLC plan. I’d have loved to find out about the quarians and stuff. I agree – I think this was a project and labor of love that got managed into oblivion.

      • I really wish they’d have stuck with the DLC plan. I’d have loved to find out about the quarians and stuff. I agree – I think this was a project and labor of love that got managed into oblivion

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