Yeah, I Said I Wasn’t Gonna Do This, But…

As you may know (or may not  now but will have full knowledge of the facts that others have at their disposal by the time you finish the sentence that continues just after the closing parenthesis here), I’ve been struggling to finish the sequel to The Curse of Troius. I’ve been wrestling with it for over a year now and it’s mostly done but the last bit is going to really take every shred of skill I have as a writer and I’m just not good enough to do it right now.

While I’ve been engaged in mentally grappling with it, I’ve gotten an idea for my next project. I’m really excited by it. If you like my blog, then I think you’ll probably love it, since it takes the things that seem to mostly work here and puts them in a novel. Yes, it’s a zombie story.

So I’ve been excited about this new idea, and swore that as soon as I finished Storm I’d start it. I wanted to wait to start it until after I finished the sequel novel that refuses to write itself, as a way to give myself incentive to wrap that story up to start with the new one. So far, that hasn’t worked.

Ahh, yes. The clever among you will note the use of the word “wanted”, past tense, as in I no longer want that. That’s true. After consulting with my wife about my dilemma, she encouraged me to write whatever I want to write. The Storm of Anticus will always be there when I’m ready to finish it. So, today I finally started my new story. So far, it’s been a shitload of fun to write. If you’ve read my short story “Blamers” then you have an idea of what’s coming. It’s the memoir of a survivor-thus-far in a world overrun by zombies, an everyman with the same sarcastic potty mouth I tend to sport. I might post the Foreward I’ve written for it later on.

I don’t know what to call it yet. It’s a zombie memoir written by a waiter. I suck at titles. So, hey, anyone who can think of one, throw it in the Comments. If I pick your title, I’ll include the story of a character with your name getting eaten by hungry dead people! What more could you ask for?!

Money? Fuck that.

About Alan Edwards

Former cancer caregiver. Husband of the most magical and amazing person who ever lived.

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  1. Zombies to Go
    Zombies, and a Side of Fries
    Waiter, There’s A Zombie Eating My Face
    WTF, ZOMBIES?????!!!!!
    My Zombie Diary, as if you give a flying f#@!!

  2. The Current Wait for a Table is: Forever.

    Table for Brains

  3. Today’s Special … Brains! What, you were expecting roast duck?

    And I think starting a new project is a great idea! Give your brain a rest & then come back fresh later on. 🙂

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