A Good Weekend

It was a good weekend, but one that didn’t last quite long enough (not that they ever do).  I hadn’t mentioned it here before (I don’t think, anyway – continuity is hard), but Lady Aravan and I have put our house up for sale.  That means that every weekend and some weeknights, we have to scrub the house down, gather our beloved pack of pooches, and get out of sight so people can look at the house.  We got an offer that we’ve been countering and going back and forth over the last few days, so we’re hopeful that it sells soon.  We are looking for a rural farmette in PA, or failing that, just a private location with some acreage.  Yes, I hate people that much, and yes, it will be key during a zombie invasion.


My little short story “Blamers” was posted on Smashwords for free, and as of this morning 80 people had downloaded it.  It’s gotten 2 reviews (both 5 stars) and I feel really good about that.  It’s nice to finally start to reach a wider audience, and it’s even netted me a new fan on Facebook.  One person at a time, right?  I’m glad my little story has been accepted as entertaining, and it makes me feel good about my idea for a modern-day novel.  The protagonist in both would pretty much be the same person, and I would write it in much the same way, so it sounds like it might work for people.  It makes me excited to think about writing it, and I hope/plan to have it done before the year is out.

Of course, that means finishing Storm first.  As I said before, I’m in a good place with it, and I just need to capture the last elements of the story that I’m looking forward before beginning the painful editing process.  I hope to enlist some people to edit it, as I’ve done before, but I’m just not sure who to ask besides my Lady.  One friend who is also a writer is less than helpful for the most part: saying “show, don’t tell” is great, but it’s hardly pointed criticism.  Plus, I think it’s sometimes hard for writers who have different styles to critique each others’ work.  He likes to confer expository information almost exclusively through dialogue, where I find that method just makes the dialogue portions seem forced and unbelievable.  I prefer dialogue to seem natural, like, you know, people talking.  Since Curse and Storm are told from the perspective of whichever character is the focus, the expository information is conveyed through thoughts and flashbacks.  He doesn’t like flashbacks.  So it makes it hard for each of us to approach the others’ work from a critical standpoint.

I do want to get some good feedback.  I think I might hit up my Browncoat friend and maybe the man behind Comrick as well.  Hay, and maybe a reader of this blog will volunteer!  Heh.

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  1. Sounds like some good things are in store for you guys. New house, new path, maybe a new career/hobby, and a great new book. I really liked the Storm post you did today. Like I said in that post, I have not read much of your stuff other then Blamers. And I loved it! I am very critical. Almost to a fault a times. My sister asked me to give my opinion of her oldest kids website and I did, I see hundreds of sites daily, I know what is good and what is bad. His was bad. She did not talk to me for months. In reality, if you are planning on being a baseball player and looking for a Big 10 college scholarship, no matter how good you are, you need to listen to consructive criticism about the website the recruiters will see.
    My point is, I love to give feedback. I am a volunteer editor for a website so if you need an extra opinion on something post it here, like you did with the Storm excerpt, or shoot me an email. I will gladly read it and give an honest opinion. I have to say I really like it so far, a very exciting read. So what happens next….do tell…you cannot leave me hanging.

    • Thanks for the kind words, and the especially kind offer! I’d be happy to send you the story when I’m done, because I’d love to get feedback on it. You’ll know when it’s done – I’ll be posting a THANK GOD ITS FINISHED post here shortly after, heh.

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