Five Things for a Weird Tuesday, Oct 26th

I haven’t done a “5 Things” post in a while (small bits of stuff that don’t warrant a full blog post, but allow me to write something), but since I’ve been sporadic and feeling guilty about it, I decided to do one today.

1.  A very strange day.  Out of the blue, I got a Facebook message from an aunt on my father’s side.  I don’t recall ever speaking to her or meeting her, although it’s possible I did when I was very very young.  When my Dad died when I was 7, we pretty much lost all contact with his side of the family (and the majority of my mother’s side as well, long story).  One of his brothers, Phil, kept in occasional touch, mostly because he was executor of my grandparent’s estate, and when they died I received a small sum of money, along with all his other grandchildren.  In the space of a few hours, my aunt and I exchanged a few emails.  She’s a hospice nurse with lots of children and grandchildren.  It was nice to finally “meet” my father’s sister.

2.  One of the things I learned from my aunt was that my Uncle Phil self-published a novel this year through CreateSpace, just like I did.  He even chose the same cover template that I did, which amused me to no end.  It’s called The Leper Colony.  I guess writing is in the blood.

3.  So far, so good this football season.  I’ll take 4-3, quite happily, especially with the Cowboys at 1-5 and Romo knocked out for a while.  The Tears of Unfathomable Sadness from Cowboys fans help soothe away the agony that was last season.

4.  That said, I think the Skins will lose this week to the Lions.  Losing to the Lions is what they do in recent years.  At least the Lions are somewhat more respectable this year.

5.  I outed myself today to a co-worker as… a novelist.  The office is doing collections for a care package to Iraq, for one of our co-workers there.  I brought in a few copies of The Curse of Troius to send along, since I had a few left over from the book signing a couple weeks ago.  I don’t really talk about my life outside the office to co-workers, but now some of them know I’m a zombie fantasy writer.  Ah well.

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  1. Hey! Nice to see you posting again!
    1. Cool that you got to meet your dad’s sister. That kind of stuff is always a bit awkward for me.

    2. Yea…writing is in your blood. I think it is for a lot of authors. My aunt has also written a couple of books. She wrote Lesbian Path, The Gay and Lesbian Liberation Movement and Learning to be Old: Gender Culture and Aging. I also have all that news reporting in my family, but that is more journalism, not like writing a book.

    3. Romo! Great.. he WAS my QB in the FF league I was undefeated in, looks like I will be stuck picking up the Bills QB for this week. Great…..I don’t even want to talk about the Vikes. Just hope they are still in MN next year.

    4. Skins best not lose to the Lions. I picked them up for a bye week play. 😉

    5. You will be outed sooner or later, you have a great book and it is going to take off and who knows what else you have in the works. It is just a matter of time before everyone in your area knows that you are a great author. It is very kind of you to donate some books to those folks who are fighting this war overseas, I know they will appreciate it.

    Hope all is well your way and you are having a nice fall. Cold, windy and shitty over in Northern MN, supposed to snow tommorrow (really?). Still working out hard everyday. Ran across an article by the LA Times that said the exact same thing you did about Jillians kettlebell dvd. She got called out big time for being a phony and a hack. Wonder how Bob’s will be?

    Take care.

    • I am absolutely terrified about Bob’s kettlebell video. I’ll probably get it, to review if nothing else, but I really hope it doesn’t stink or is actually dangerous.

      Being right about the Redskins doesn’t make it feel better, heh. Hopefully they did well for you, what with Brandon Banks’ TD return. The whole McNabb thing…ugh. That’s a blog post I don’t have the time to write.

      Curious about how you feel regarding the whole Moss thing. I’m just grateful that it slightly distracted the national media from the McNabb Debacle.

      • The Moss dealio. Oh, Boy…here we go. At first I was thrilled. He is back. But then I watched the games and tracked stats (yea..yea…I know) and noticed he wasn’t all that. He did up Harvin a notch or two but really he wasn’t playing like the Moss of old. When I read about him getting waived I was blown away…then I listened to the press conference he had in NE, I knew something was up. Today we find out he asked for Chilly to be fired b-4 that press conference. I hate all of this. This was the only chance we had to keep the team in MN. The Vikings lease is up in Jan and we all know they won’t renew it. This reaks of a setup, but I don’t know….I am just really bummed out about it all. I grew up with this team and knowing they will be gone in a few months is tough. I like Chilly. He is a nice guy and a decent coach. Can someone please tell me how we went from a great team last year, to shit this year… and you can blame it on the coach? Players have no responsibility? Where you been All Day, and you Rice, and you Favre…yep I am glaring at you! Same damn team people, and “now” it is a problem. From what I have heard Chilly is gonna be gone by Monday if we don’t win.

        Yea, benching McNabb was weird. I have never understood that coach. Is he really giving tryouts to hack QBs? Why would he do that? To mess with McNabb? IMHO that is the wrong way to get a QB motivated. I did pick up the Skins Def and they didnt ruin me so I will hang onto them for a bit.

        Thanks for sharing the chapters of your book. I am really liking it so far. Also The Walking Dead on AMC. You will love it!

        Have a great weekend.

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