OK, So I Enjoyed That Game A Little Bit

After posting my Vick thoughts, spurred by the clamoring calls for Vick to be awarded the MVP trophy after 2 weeks of decent football amid a wash of adoring talk about how he’s overcome adversity – adversity caused by his enjoyment of torturing and killing dogs, but mostly just for betting on them – I really wanted the Redskins to beat the Eagles.  I mean, I hungered for it, craved it, but it took some time for me to believe they could do it.

It was Saturday, while the thoughts that became the Vick post brewed in my head, that I honestly believed the Redskins could win this game.  Not would, but could.  Originally, I’d seen it as a massacre, with Vick easily eluding defenders, who would then lose focus and let DeSean Jackson beat them deep a couple of times.  But on Saturday, I could see it happening.  Funnily enough, I remember thinking that Skins would end up knocking Vick out of the game and then getting beaten by Kolb.  I would have been able to handle that better than listening to another round of the heart-sickening tale of Vick’s Redemption Tour.

So on Saturday I pulled out my Lucky Shirt.  It shouldn’t be lucky.  It is a 1983 NFC Champions shirt (yes, I put on a 27-year-old shirt) from the season they got destroyed in the Super Bowl by the Raiders, one of the worst days of my life, and I’ve had some bad ones.  Since then, though, it’s become a talisman.  I wore it the day Mark Brunell beat the Cowboys on Monday Night Football with 2 deep bombs to Santana Moss in the last 2 minutes of the game.  Every year, when the Redskins need a big win, I pull it out and wear it.  Only once a year at most, though.  I didn’t wear it at all last year, which I knew would be so dismal that one game wouldn’t matter, so why lose the mojo?

Of course, I know the shirt doesn’t do anything to affect anything except my own mood, but that’s good enough for me.

I watched the game, too.  I don’t often get to see the Redskins play, but many times – especially the last few years – even when I’ve had the chance, I couldn’t do it.  My entire life, I’ve lived and died with how a football team does on the field, as my father did before me.  With the seasons of futility and mockery, I’ve gotten so sick of the feeling of lying on bed on a Sunday night, not able to sleep as I run the game through my head, imagining if just this play hadn’t happened, or that one, and making myself sick – literally, physically ill – over the game.  My friend doesn’t understand it, but it’s one thing I am irrational about to an almost frightening degree.  Actually, it’s not almost – I scare everyone around me, as well as myself sometimes.  I don’t watch all of the games mostly out of respect to Lady Aravan, who hates my ranting and screaming and jumping and pacing and guttural shouts of joy or anger as the game goes on.  I literally cannot sit down when they are playing.

So, anyway, the fact that I watched the game says a lot (admittedly, I missed much of the 3rd quarter’s ineptitude while I did yoga).  I took such savage, primal joy out of watching Vick get sandwiched between two Redskins and sent out of the game.  My hand shook as I tried to eat dinner with minutes left in the game.  I honestly thought I was going to throw up on the dinner table.  And when that final pass settled into the arms of the Redskins, when it painfully sat for an instant in the hands of an Eagle, I let out such a shout of joy and release that my throat burned and the windows rattled.

So, yeah, good game.

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  1. Congrats on the win, and taking out Vick. I chuckled when I read that on NFL and did a mental high five to you. Being a dog owner and someone who works with them, I really don’t care for the guy, and what he did was unforgivable. I really don’t know how I feel about him playing again. Right after I read what you posted about Vick yesterday, there were 3 articles on PFT about him. I had no idea that Reid had 2 sons who also did prison time. That may explain his acceptance of the situation. I was actually going to respond yesterday but had to spend way to much time revamping my FF teams after a few of my guys were ruled IA and/or on Bye. Worked out OK. I won in both leagues, even with Cutler getting me a -3 points at QB (Thanks Jay!). I can relate more than you know about the football dealio. I actually cannot watch it live very often anymore. I get too emotionally invested. I usually log onto NFL.com and skip between all the games stat feeds during the day. There are certain teams I cannot watch at all, they make me too pissed and even seeing their smug-assed fans sets me off (I am looking at you Packer fans!) You can imagine my reaction to Favre joining our team last year. I was livid. I despised him for years and now he was gonna don the purple and gold….OH HELL NO! I wanted Chilly’s head for that move. Since then, I have come to like Childress. He is a great coach, a bit mis-understood, but a nice guy who knows the game. I helped my son do a extra credit report for Kindergarten last year on African Animals and we sent out surveys with letters to a few people like Obama, Biden and of course, Childress. Chilly sent my son back his survey with a handwritten response and a MN Vikes signed team photo. Above and beyond. And yes the other 2 did as well, but I was most impressed with Chilly, btw, his favorite Arican animal is an Eland because they jump high (8ft) and that is needed in the NFL. I have been a football fanatic since my dad took me to my first game at age 8 to the old Met Stadium in Mpls. My dad, my grandpa and I all huddled together in the freeing cold and snow, watching the game and loving every minute of it. My grandpa’s brother was a famous Sports Editor for the local paper and my dad was a news director for the TV station, so I did get to meet some of the Vikings players back in the late 70s. So thats where I get some of it from. I really try not to take it so seriously anymore, my family does not understand why I get so upset at a game, they just don’t get it…so I try not to let it get out of hand anymore. But, I can quote stats with the best of them, kick ass in FF and still annoy most people I know with my passion for the game.

    Anyway, that was one hell of a win.

  2. Thanks for sharing all of that. A close friend is a Vikings fan from Minnesota as well, and he often complains about Childress, and had that same “how am I supposed to root for this guy?” feeling last year when Favre signed. Your story actually makes me rethink my feelings about Childress, interestingly enough. I enjoy listening to other perspectives and how they affect my own.

    I remember when Deion Sanders signed with the Redskins a long time ago. I hated him more than anyone in football, ever since high school (he went to a high school in the county I lived in, and he was just as mouthy and arrogant then as he was on a national stage). Then he signed with my team. Brutal. I had to get used to hating a guy while appreciating the few things he did for the team while he wore that uniform. Not fun.

    I still think it’s kind’ve funny to have my wife obsessively checking her FF team during Sundays while I just watch games or scores. The first season in a long time where it isn’t me is odd so far, but I like it. I’ll be back at it, I’m sure, but a year off is oddly…peaceful!

    • I wanted to add that one of my all time favorite players was a Redskin. Of course, my all time favorite NFL players are Chuck Foreman and Alan Page of the Vikes, but John Riggins of the the Redskins is a very close second, I loved to watch him play. Damn, he was good. I really wanted one of those kid football uniforms from the Redskins back then. And yep, I am old, 42.

      • Of course, I too love The Diesel.

        And you’re positively ancient! Heh. I’m on the down side of 38 myself, so it’s pretty close.

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