Ramping It Up

I’ve been working hard the last few weeks, especially in the cardio department, and the work has been paying off.  I’m leaner, I’m fitter, I am probably definitely in the best shape of my life.  I reached my weight goal, I reached my 100 push-up goal, and I am currently between “goals” for the most part beyond working hard and getting better.  One thing that had stagnated during this time, though, has been my strength regimen.

I do my strength training at work, where we have a small gym with dumbbells and a few machines.  I originally started going up there because it helped channel all the rage that built up as I dealt with the complete and total dumbassery that I am daily surrounded with and which only continues to increase with each passing day.  So instead of taking a plastic fork and jamming it into my eye every day, I decided to go to the gym for lunch then eat at my desk while I worked.

At first I had my training partner at work, but when he quit this insane pool of idiocy office I managed to keep going at it.  After reading a few fitness articles I decided to change things up and went to a declining-weight with short rest intervals program, where you start heavy and drop down with each set.  I had a lot of success with it and kept it up.  That was over a year ago.

I noticed last week that I just wasn’t feeling it.  I know part of it was the complete existential despair of coming back to the office after a four-day weekend – and I mean despair, too, I was miserable – but part of it was just the sameness of it all.  Same routine, blah blah.  I know I am somewhat limited here at the office, only having access to the equipment that is here, but I needed a change.

So this week I ditched my program.  I kept the push-ups for chest day, sticking with the Week 6 program from www.hundredpushups.com or doing 100 pushups in a row, but started changing the exercises and weights.  Instead of declining and short rest intervals, I decided to go heavy with short rest intervals.  Ow.  I mixed chest flies back in, since I don’t think my shoulder is separated anymore (flies hurt a lot with one), along with dips and overhead triceps extensions.  I’m struggling a bit more coming up with variations for back/bicep day, but I’ll probably mix in shoulder work and preacher curls somehow.

I can feel it already.  I’m sore but in a good way.  Mixed with the general insanity of the mornings with Bob or Jillian, I feel like I’m taking it to another level again, which is good.  It makes me feel better, anyway.

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  1. Hey,

    Out of curiosity, what weights do you use when doing Bob’s “Super Strength” DVD? I am also at my weight goal and am interested in building lean muscle and further reducing body fat. I’ve started using heavier dumbbells (17 lbs) for the upper body portion of the dvd, while keeping lighter weights for the lower body stuff. I’ve noticed some good results doing this.

    P.S. It is obvious that you’re not happy with your career. I’m fairly new to your blog (picked it up at the start of the Bob’s workout reviews), but it is obvious you have a talent for writing. You should follow that path.

    • Right now I use 15s and 10s, since those are the two heaviest sets I currently own. I went shopping for new dumbbells a couple of weeks ago and was very surprised how difficult it was to find anything above a 10. My intention is to go out and get some 12s, 17s, 20s, and 25s for various exercises. I especially want heavier weights for the Bob’s Workout strength series, so I’ll have to call around and locate somewhere in the area that actually has a decent selection.

      Thanks a ton for compliment, as well. Writing is something I really enjoy and would love to do full time, but I just haven’t been able to find an opportunity besides self-publishing. I’m not gonna let that stop me, though. Thanks again!

  2. Self-publishing can be a viable path. I am an accountant but also wrote a non-fiction eBook that I published through clickbank.com. While it doesn’t generate enough income to quit my job, it certainly helps.

    • That’s funny – I am also an accountant – who knew we were all frustrated novelists?! I went through CreateSpace for my novel, which put it on Amazon and is pretty cool. I’ve made enough in royalties to buy a nice dinner from KFC, so that’s something.

  3. I can relate to the revamping stuff. I did that when I started doing 7-days a week 60-minute workouts in the a.m. with Mr. Bob 2 months ago. I also really get the being bored or maybe a bit complacent with it. That was how I found Bob and your blog in the first place, I was bored with Jillian and Co. I think you have done a great job in your goals, both you and Lady Aravan. I guess we gotta remember that goals can be adjusted to fit your need or mood. And really, you need to write full time. You are very talented and the job you have seems to be draining the f-ing life out of you. Jobs that suck are just that…jobs that suck.

    Stay strong my friends and congrats on the Redskins win.

    • Thanks as always for the kind words. You are definitely right – it is draining the life from me. Honestly, the exercise and joy I get from being home are the only things keeping me going every day. I just need to get out, and maybe someday one of those applications will actually get me somewhere. Or an agent will pick me up. Or fairies will swoop down and blow pixie dust into my ears and I’ll happily skip along while singing Loreena McKennitt songs while gold and rainbows shoot out of my eyes. But definitely one of those three options.

      Go ‘Skins! Heh. I’d settle for a 2-14 season if both wins are against the Cowboys. Almost.

      • I am putting the The Curse of Troius on my list on Goodreads, hopefully I can send some readers your way. Never lose your focus, very few people are talented enough to write a book, let alone one that is actually good. Hang in there.

        I read this today and it made me laugh:

        Three Words:
        Down, Up, Reach!
        Down, Up, Reach!

        Seven more words:

        Get Ready because we’re doing it again!

        (I feel tired already.)

      • I can’t reply directly to you, so I have to Reply to myself, which makes me feel narcissistic or something. Anyway – reading that made Bob’s voice in my head and my chest muscles cramp. Oh no, I think that’s tomorrow (weeps).

        Thanks for the Goodreads love!

  4. Forgot to mention I’m an Eagles fan!

    • It’s funny – I am surrounded by Eagles fans (living near Philly will do that) and a good 50% of my friends are Iggles die-hards. It’s nice to have a lot in common with them, like hating Cowboys and Giants. If anyone but the Redskins are going to win the East, I’m always pulling for Philly.

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