I am sore.  Hamstrings?  Sore.  Quads, calves?  Yup.  Pretty much everything on me is sore.  I guess that’s what happens when you take three days off from exercise.  Crazy.

Lady Aravan and I worked out Saturday (a double-shot of Jillian’s Biggest Winner Series – more on that later), then went to an event that ended with me drinking quite a bit (it’s fine, I logged my alcohol calories and took them into account, as did my fair Lady).  So, when I awoke Sunday I was still a bit drunk and decided that exercise really wasn’t in the cards early, and then later we had friends visiting.  Day off, no biggie.  Then Monday came, and having a lazy day off was too nice, and exercise was pushed off until Tuesday, which of course was another lazy day off and I just said forget it.  Wednesday, however, it was up at 4:30 and back at it.

We did Bob’s cardio DVD, with me swinging harder than a 1970’s husband in a brown paisley leisure suit.  It was tough as always, but survivable.  I did a partial strength workout at lunch, not my usual routine, because yesterday I was hateful about my employment and just wasn’t into it.  I got up today, though, and holy crap.  Stiff and sore and achy and wow, my hamstrings hurt!

We went down to exercise, and chose the same workout we did Saturday: Jillian Michaels’ Biggest Winner series, Maximize Front followed immediately after by Maximize Backside.  Each one is punishing in its own right.  The series is very different from Shred or any of Jillian’s later DVDs.  For one, Jillian is much more rambunctious and spontaneous and light-hearted, cracking jokes with her team (half-male, half-female) and generally having fun, a far cry from the Instructor Mode she never sheds in later DVDs.  I like it better, especially for replayability, since I don’t need to be told the proper form each and every time I do it.

What that also means is that this thing is FAST in its transitions.  If you left your weights a little farther away than you anticipated, then you might miss half of a set of an exercise, because you are MOVING the entire time.  Stepping, lunging, squatting, lifting (in certain exercises all of them at once), all in a never-ending cycle.  Well, it does end, eventually, thankfully, mercifully – each exercise DVD is about 25 minutes long.  They begin with a warm-up, and not a gentle ease-me-in warm-up either, then straight into it, most of the exercises involving dumbbells or a step or both at once.

When we did it Saturday, I was sweating more in that hour than I have ever sweat before.  My back was a river and I actually slipped a couple of times from the accumulated sweat droplets on the floor.  I didn’t sweat quite as bad this morning, taking a bit more time to get overheated, but it was still intense.  On the plus side, I did several jumping lunges with no problems, and with my balky knees that’s a win.  I can only imagine how sore I am going to be tomorrow.  Bright side: I won’t be doing today’s exercise tomorrow.  At this point, anything else looks easy.

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  1. My knees are feeling it! Bob Harper is going to be tough to do tomorrow!

  2. Nice to see you posting after your workout break. 😉 Yep, I woke up with those same killer hamstrings this a.m. as well. It must be those damn arm swings and deadlifts. I have been doing Bob’s Cardio for 4 days straight then I will switch back to Strength for 2 days I think (mainly because I want to see him make Fransico cry). I really need to figure out a routine. I do 7-days a week and alternate between Strength and Cardio. I have the other DVDs but don’t feel up to the Bob Workout “yet” and have a small space so Yoga is out.

    Anyway, nice to see you up and about. Really liked the artwork for your new book. He is very talented. Kind of reminds me of the old Molly Hatchet covers.

    I also have to say when Bob does his speech at the beginning of the Cardio Rev and says, Do You Eat Right, Smoke, Drink…I always chuckle. Thanks for that!

    • Those deadlifts and swings kill me. I go around the house saying, “All I want, all I want to see, are 2 minutes of arm swings.” It cracks me up in a gallows humor kind of way.

      It’s funny that you said Molly Hatchet covers, because when I first explained what I was looking for, he said, “Oh, like Frazzeta?” who was the guy that did those covers, so apparently he pulled it off!

      And as always, thanks for coming by and saying hello! Anything that helps me keep writing is something I am grateful for.

  3. We decided that in my house we can’t take more than a day off. It’s too painful to get back into the swing of things. Our plan at current is to rinse and repeat the last 2 weeks of the Inside Out Method schedule and then pony up for P90X or Insanity.

    • A friend of mine has a copy of P90X, but I’ve never actually seen it (except for an infomercial-type thing on QVC that was a little creepy and weird). I think he even has Insanity as well. I might have to take a look at them.

      • I like the idea of P90X and Insanity because unlike Inside Out and other DVD’s the set stretches out for a month or more, there’s a lot of DVD’s. The big downside of P90X though is I hear you need a pull up bar. Who has that in their home lol?

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