Bob Harper’s Inside Out Method Workout Plan – Final Thoughts

Two weeks ago, my wife and I decided to attempt Bob Harper’s workout plan using his new Inside Out Method DVDs, as laid out on his website  (NOTE: the link to the schedule no longer appears to work, so, thanks to a friend, my lovely wife, and a scanner, I have a copy of the Inside Out Method schedule here.) It’s a 4-week program (although you can do week 4’s workout ad infinitum if you like) that starts with working out a few days a week and builds into a full 7-days-a-week exercise regimen.  Lady Aravan and I started with Week 3, since we’d already been working out 6 days a week and didn’t want to cut back and start from the beginning, nor did we want to mix in other exercises (except strength workouts) among Bob’s different workouts.  All Bob, all the time.  So how did it go?

All in all, we were very pleased with the program.  It was very challenging, make no mistake; this morning, we did his cardio DVD Pure Burn, even though we are done with the program, and we’re still huffing and puffing and struggling through it.  The difference, though, between where we were and where we are now is amazing.  We are both much stronger, our balance is remarkably improved, and our endurance has increased.  I lost almost 5 pounds in those 2 weeks and 2% body fat.  The yoga days have improved our flexibility immensely – last night we were in the kitchen doing half-moons and standing splits because we could and because it’s suddenly kind’ve fun.

My overall impressions are, if you are even remotely intrigued by the idea, then I suggest you give it a shot.  It will tire you out.  You will sag down onto your knees and huff and puff and wish desperately for more air and for it to be over.  But over time, you will notice that you did a few more push-ups this time, or did the mountain climbers a little longer, or stretched a little farther.  Guess what?  The incredibly fit people demonstrating the exercises are huffing and puffing too.  One day, you’ll discover that, hey, I’m doing my jumping jacks faster than them, or I did more overhead presses than Zach, or I stretched longer and better than Robert.

I love the DVDs, I really enjoyed the program, and I will continue doing a modified version, mixing in other exercises and challenging myself.  As Bob says, “You wanted me as your trainer; you’ve got me as your trainer.”  He is one hell of a trainer.  He will make you believe that you can do things that you thought were impossible, and you will do them, and you will become stronger and fitter than you ever thought possible.  I’m a believer.

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  1. Just wanted to say how much you & Lady Aravan ROCK!! Been following your workout blog since around day 2 or 3 & can’t believe it’s over already! 😦 I’ve been considering buying the DVD set for awhile now & am now thoroughly scared to death (of the workout AND Bob…LOL)!!! As a beginner in the weight-loss journey, it’ll be awhile till I attempt the Inside Out Method, but enjoyed the glimpse you provided into Bob’s true “evil”!! 🙂

    • Thanks so much! It is very cool to hear that you’ve enjoyed the little series. I had an incredible amount of fun writing it, whcih kind’ve surprised me, and the feedback I’ve gotten from you and others honestly made me want to do it more. Thanks again!

  2. Loved your review and these final thoughts sums up the work out schedule experience nicely. My girlfriend and I started from scratch with the schedule though. We were previously working out with Biggest Loser Boot Camp and Yoga so it was like we were training to train on the next level. Prior to those work outs we were hardcore couch potatoes and computer nerds.

    If I have one complaint about the workouts it’s that Bob’s personal workout does not feel good on our lower backs or our knees. Something about repeatedly squatting past 90 degrees doesn’t feel right. That said I am 100% behind the Inside Out Method I have joined the My Trainer Bob website and I work everyday to make this a permanent change in my lifestyle.

    • LIke you, much of our prior training (well, need to train, actually) came from being 100% computer geeks. If we could have gotten the motivation to hook our machines to the TV in the living room, we would have combined our couch potato-ness and computer gaming into a giant unholy union.

      I definitely struggled with my lower back from time to time as well, but it did get better as I improved. Those kettle-bell swings I think eventually made them stronger.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

      • I should rephrase my previous statement about Bob’s personal work out hurting. Specifically the work out for the lower body is what hurt (my lower back her knees).

        We conquered Bob’s personal upper body work out today, and after watching the poor guy looking like he was close to crying and vomiting at several points we decided it was time to use heavier weights.

  3. I found this blog after doing a search for the workout schedules. I have been alternating the dvds for the past few weeks and agree 100% with your review. It’s hardcore for sure but the results are worth it. I have stopped doing other dvds so it’s all Bob for me too- I’m sure my body will start to plateau after a while and I’ll have to switch it up but I can’t imagine working out with anyone but Bob now!

  4. Hey, glad to see your review on Bob’s DVD’s. I too found it refreshing to watch the people behind him falling down in pain instead of smiling behind perfect makeup and no sweat.

    Iv’e got a question for you though, I’m only on day two and just could’t get past all the squatting in the begining. I’m only 31 and my lower back just seemed to keep seizing, did you have any lower back problems, ( is this normal) and just keep working through it, and it eventually strengthened your back.. or is there just something OBVIOUS..that I’m doing wrong? I try to make sure my back is very straight and lift with my legs…but sheesh..I hate for back pain I have never had before take me out before I can work up a sweat!
    Thanks in advance.

    • I definitely had issues at first with my lower back, as did my wife, who had back surgery several years ago. It turned out to be muscles that really aren’t used to working out getting really sore. We both tended to stop for a few reps as soon as we felt back pain, just as a precaution, but over time neither of us felt strain in our lower backs – unless we hadn’t done it for a while. I think a lot of workouts avoid working the lower back at all just for safety reasons, but the result (in my opinion) is that the lower back never really gets stronger.

      I don’t personally think that you are doing anything wrong, since I went through the exact same thing. I’d still be careful, though, especially if you feel any sharp pains – maybe not go down as far or swing up as high. Good luck and kick butt!

      • Great, thanks. I had my husband watch my form when he got home and he pointed out a couple of things. In the deadlifts if I focus on ( sorry I don’t know the technical anatomy word for this) the outsides of my hamstrings dsoin most of the pushing upward I still feel my back strengthening, but not straining. And on the (kettlebell) swings if I as I come back a little lean backwards just slightly like they do in the video, I don’t feel that seizing.

        Your right though, it’s good to stop for a few reps just in case. It’s good to hear that your lower back strengthened over time, stronger muscels = less back pain in the end. Thanks for your comment.

  5. I meant as I come up out of the kettle bell swing I lean back slightly.. sorry.

  6. Hi! I have just started working out with Bob again and the Inside Out Method. Do you have his workout schedule for the 4 weeks? I have tried pulling up the link I saved… and it no longer pulls up and I can not find it online. 😦
    Thank you so much!

  7. Thank you hugely to posting the Inside Out Method workout schedule! I can’t find it anywhere else online!

    • I’m very happy to be able to keep it here for people to find – I am surprised that it just disappeared!

  8. Thanks sooooooo much for having the schedule and posting it here. I’m really grateful for it.

  9. Thanks designed for sharing such a pleasant opinion, paragraph is good, thats why i
    have read it fully

  10. HI please resend the link because its not clear and I can’t read the written words clearly ,I really care about Bob’s words .He magically motivate me a lot thanks.

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