Five Things for Monday, May 10th

1.  My novel is now on sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble’s website, even a couple of Indian websites and a couple of Asian ones.  Crazy.  Before I did it, I said I’d be pleased if I sold a dozen copies.  I’ve sold 15, so I am now officially happy.  I’ve set up a Facebook page for it and already have over 40 fans, a couple of whom I don’t know and never met.  It’s cool.  I was afraid to set one up, feeling like the world’s biggest narcissist, but Lady Aravan had a good point: I want to write for a living, and I need to promote the thing as best I can.  She’s right.  Now I just need to stop checking the page incessantly.

2.  I had no idea how popular Googling the Redfire Grill steakhouse would be.  By far the most popular post is that one.  Strange.

3.  Almost 3 weeks now into the Atkin’s diet, and I’ve happily discovered that I am down 1 belt loop.  That kind of progress means more to me than the actual weight number.  However, my ass and thighs are still killing me from the calisthenics from Saturday.  Easy, Cindy Crawford, I’m a little out of shape.

4.  A big impediment to writing: owning a Droid, and downloading RoboDefense.  The addiction level is like with Tetris, if Tetris had more guns and missiles.

5.  Thankfully, though, I’ve been able to overcome its pull long enough to begin the sequel to my book.  New characters, plus the return of the survivors, more locales, bigger scope – it’s a little frightening, but seriously exhilirating.

About Alan Edwards

Former cancer caregiver. Husband of the most magical and amazing person who ever lived.

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