Terrorism, Close to Home

On the way in to work this morning, the folks on the radio were discussing the October arrest of a woman that lived near Philly.  She was attempting to organize/join a terror cell with the aim of killing a cartoonist who depicted Muhammad combined with a dog.  She was a convert to Islam and felt fervently enough about her new religion to attempt to kill another human being on another continent.  It’s a piece of news that is all too common these days.  Maybe it was the nearness of this woman to my own home that engendered the feeling that it did; I don’t know.  All I know is, it impacted me.

It made me think about the people who dedicate their lives to stopping people like that.  Every day, they wake up and go into an office and attempt to root out and stop people who wish to kill in the name of religious zeal.  It made me wish I was one of them.  I’m smart.  I could be of use.  I’m an accountant who is used to ferreting out and following financial transactions to trace their origins and intentions.  I could help stop these disgusting fucking sick asswipes who feel like their fucking allegiance to some make-believe fucking entity gives them the right – no, the fucking mandate – to kill anyone and everyone they feel doesn’t give them respect or whatever the fuck it is these fucking wastes of carbon feel is due to them.

Her ambition?  To kill a fucking cartoonist.  These people are aided and abetted by the leaders of one of the fucking largest organized religions in the world.  I fucking hate organized religion.  The entire premise of organized religion is control over a large body of people to get them to do what you say and to take their money.  That’s it.  And when the leaders of organized religions feel threatened, they whip up their worshippers in a frenzy and get them to do their fucking dirty work.  It’s not a Muslim thing.  They just happen to be the newest of the big religious faiths and thus have more fervor, which will eventually diminish in time.  They aren’t different than the Jews were back when they were full of self-righteous fury.  The Bible is full of their butchery and genocide against those who didn’t belive in the god their leaders told them to follow at the risk of their own execution.  Christianity isn’t different, either, with the Crusades and Inquisition and witch-hunts and lynchings that occur in the name of organized fucking religions.  Hinduism isn’t any different; none of them are.

If you could get rid of just one thing in the world, what would it be?  Maybe you’d say war, or poverty, or disease, or ignorance, or intolerance, or a myriad of things.  Me?  I’d get rid of organized fucking religion, because most of the preceding list would immediately improve without a bunch of religious fucking fanatics trying to impose their ludicrous fucking beliefs on the rest of us.  Atheists, according to polls, are less likely to win an election than any other group in the United States.  That is some fucked up shit.  Instead, we’d rather be led by people that believe in invisible yet all-powerful beings that supposedly give a shit about human works.  People aren’t dumb, but they certainly are willing to be manipulated by other people into doing some ridiculous stupid shit, like giving away 10% of their income to an obscenely wealthy church, or commit genocide, or attempt to blow up a fucking old man who happened to draw a picture they don’t fucking like.  Fuck you, organized religion.  Thank you, FBI, CIA, whatever British police forces who do the same thing – thank you for helping to keep me safe from these religious fucking jerkwads of every faith.

About Alan Edwards

Former cancer caregiver. Husband of the most magical and amazing person who ever lived.

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