Five Things for Friday, February 19th

1.  Oh, it’s Friday.  Beautiful, awesome Friday.  Monday is an eternity away as the weekend beckons.  I made it another week!

2.  Hands down, the five best Girl Scout cookies, in order from first to fifth: Samoas, Tagalongs (they used to have more peanut butter than they do now, and could have challenged for #1 if they still had the same amount), Thin Mints (especially when frozen), Lemon Cremes, Do-Si-Does (or however it’s spelled).  Lady Aravan would actually reverse this list in its entirety, and make Shortbread #1.  This, friends, is the key to a happy marriage: finding someone who values the cookies you don’t like more than you do, therefore leaving you more of the cookies that you do like.  Oh, and communication.

3.  You know its the long slog of the football offseason when PFTV runs the headline: “Holmgren Says Browns Will Rebuild Through Draft.”  Wow.  That’s thrilling and newsworthy.  Next it’ll be, “Holmgren Says Browns Will Hold Offseason Mini-Camps.”

4.  I finally saw Archer last night.  How completely hilarious and awesome that was.  I’m not sure how it’ll be for a long-term thing, but it’s funny as shit.  I highly recommend it.

5.  One day, the incredibly insulting and rude things I type in the “Comment” box of my Facebook friends’ status updates will accidentally get posted, and boy am I going to get into some serious trouble when it happens.

About Alan Edwards

Former cancer caregiver. Husband of the most magical and amazing person who ever lived.

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